If you could look though doors, what you see, would be different

If you could look though doors, what you see, would be different

And if you could read their mind you would be in tears


This poem was inspired by depression. A lot of people assume depression is just a way to get attention, that only girls get depressed. That if you do suffer from it you don't deserve to, because there a people who have it worse. But the true is when you have depression, it will point out your mistakes and intensify them into more then their are. A lot of the time even reminding you how you don't deserve to be sad. Warning this will be sad, and there are triggers in it.

She closes her eyes

Breath in,

Breath out,

She can’t do this,

Not anymore,

Every day is the same,

She hears her parents fight,

Hears her mom say how she regrets,

Regrets getting pregnant,

And ever having her,

How she is a waste of time,

A waste of space,

Nothing more than a burden,

A burden that she would have killed,

If she hadn’t listened to her mom and dad,

She wants nothing more than to end it.

He is the rich boy,

Who always has a smile on his face,

He is surrounded by people,

And is never seen alone,

He jokes and laughs,

And is perfect in every way,

But when he gets home,

The story changes,

He is completely alone,

His father won’t be home,

Not for a while,

And personally he wishes he wouldn’t,

Because when he come home,

Whether he’s awake or not,

No matter how the day went,

He will want to play,

He will force himself on him,

And do as he pleases,

Then when he finishes,

He will tell him,

That whiles he’s sorry,

It’s his fault,

That he was practically begging for it,

That he should be such a whore,

If he didn’t really want it,

How he defiantly deserved it,

She lives a happy life,

She has lots of friends at school,

All her grades are the best,

She is the top at all her classes,

She has a few siblings,

And wonderful parents,

While her family isn’t rich,

Then can live decently,

So her life is perfect, right?

So she has no right to be sad,

All the voices in her head,

That whisper how she isn’t worth it,

That tell her that she is hurting her siblings’ future,

By just being alive,

Those voices aren’t there right?

Because he life is perfect,

What about the ones,

Telling her she’s to fat,

How she could be pretty,

If only she would change everything,

They’re not there either right,

How could they be,

She is at the perfect weight for her height,

Logically she knows this,

And even if she wasn’t,

Why should she be ashamed,

She keeps a little mantra going in her head,

How she will get through the day,

If nothing more than for her sweet little sister,

She has to make through the day,

But she doesn’t know how much longer she can

He lives every day normally,

He always smiles,

And seems to never be sad,

Yet on the inside he is dying,

He knows he doesn’t have a reason,

Why should he be sad,

His live is nothing like hers,

His mom and dad are kind,

He is nothing less than loved,

Yet when his parents aren’t looking,

When he is alone in his bed,

His mind tells him,

That he is worthless,

That he is nothing more than a burden,

That his mother should have aborted him,

His mind convinces him,

That he will go nowhere in life,

That his will be nothing more than an inconvenience,

It then goes on to tell him,

That he has no right to be sad,

That despite his worthlessness,

His parents love him,

That there are people, who have it worse than him,

What right does he have to be sad,

He has a roof over his head,

He has food in his stomach,

He has a warm bed to sleep in,

He has more than a lot of people,

Yet he has the balls to be sad.

All of their stories are different,

One is emotionally abused,

Two aren’t abused at all,

One on is sexually and mentally abused,

Two are girls,

Two are boys,

Yet they all act the same in pubic,

They all put fake smiles on their faces,

They all pretend that their fine,

That nothing in the world is wrong,

Sometimes you have to look behind closed doors,

Sometimes you have to watch them while their alone,

Everyone has something going on in the head or life,

No matter how that act on the outside,

Keep that in mind,

Next time someone says their sad,

Don’t tell them they have no right,

Don’t tell them that they so much more than others,

Just tell them that they don’t have to be strong,

That they can cry,

They can scream,

And they don’t have to keep fighting,

Be their shoulder,

Be their rock,

Listen to them,

And never tell them that it will be alright,

Because if things go sour,

It will be the most painful lie

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