If You Ain't Shopping At Goodwill, You Ain't With It
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If You Ain't Shopping At Goodwill, You Ain't With It

If you can't get behind finding good deals, I can't get behind you.

If You Ain't Shopping At Goodwill, You Ain't With It

I love shopping at Goodwill, but unfortunately, some people look at it as a negative thing, as a statement of financial status and that you can only shop there if you are poor.

Well, I AM poor.

I am a broke college student trying to get some cute clothes while saving money for my rent, tuition, gas, and other expenses. There is no financial status that should limit anyone from shopping there, and I think it's b.s when people refuse to because they can just afford nice things. Don't get me wrong I totally understand that if you can afford nice things you might as well, but do I think it's totally absurd to pay $30 for every sweater you own? Yeah, I do! I find shopping at thrift stores to be socially acceptable. I find nothing wrong with finding great deals and supporting even better causes (considering most thrift stores do a lot of charity work and have a humanitarian focus).

So in an effort to eliminate some of the embarrassment some people who shop at thrift stores have, I decided to open up my closet to you and show you some of my favorite pieces that I have purchased at Goodwill (trust me I have a lot more than what I'm about to show you).

Outfit #1

This top had original tags on it. I didn't recognize the brand, but it says Oops Girl. I think I bought the shirt for $5 and then the white shorts were originally pants and I cut the legs off and frayed the ends. Pants were $8.

Here's the back!

Outfit #2

The shirt is from Tobi and is so gently used that it was basically new. The high-waisted jeans are from Express and are also very, VERY gently used. I paid $4 for the shirt and $7 for jeans. I also bought the belt for $3.

Outfit #3

This shirt is a navy blue lace tank top by Princess Vira Wang that has some subtle black beading on the collar. Bought this for $3.

Outfit #4

This Ice cream t-shirt was $4 and the blush colored pants were $5 and had the original T.J. Maxx tag on it. Sorry for the wrinkly pants, I don't have an iron here at school. For the record, I also wouldn't personally pair this shirt with these pants but for the outfits I selected I think this works best.

Outfit #5

The maroon sweater is Sonoma brand (Kohls) was $5. It is missing a mental knot end on one of the strings, but that happened after I wore the item a few times.

Outfit #6

The maroon pants are Royalty and were $8, the top is Aeropostale and was $3.

Accessories!! The pink bracelet that I'm wearing in the pic above (and below) was $2, and the gold cuff was $1.

Outfit #7

This black and white patterned jumpsuit is from Forever 21, but I picked it up at Goodwill for $7. There were no rips in this bad boy and it works perfectly for a night out or for a casual event. Don't mind the weird pose in this pic, I was just trying to make my plus 1 look good...

I'm not adding these pictures to show off my wardrobe or brag, but rather just to emphasize that it is possible to find stylish, comfortable, and professional clothes for a LOT cheaper than at department stores.

"Goodwill doesn't have any current styles," is the lamest thing I think I have ever heard. You would be amazed at the number of items you can find hiding out that still have their original tags on them. For some odd reason (I don't know maybe this is a rich person thing) people forget to return the nice things they buy and don't like so then they just give them to Goodwill. But hey, I'm not complaining! Some of the best pieces I have found had the original tags. Getting a pair of new $40 jeans for $5 is the best feeling ever!

Also, have people forgotten that many current trends were actually first popular 20-40 years ago? Goodwill is home to nana's old threads and the OG vintage styles. You just have to dig deep and really look for the jack pot.

Another pro is that you are recycling. Buying used clothing is a great way to help eliminate waste and continue to help a great cause, Goodwill.

Goodwill works hard to break barriers for those who are financially struggling or those with special needs by empowering them to take control of their life. They believe in the power of self-help and by employing those who need jobs most, they are helping people gain important skills they will need to succeed.

This is an organization that has helped ex-cons, people with special needs, veterans, the poor, the ill, the common Joe, and literally, everyone in between, grow and discover what they are capable of.

If you can't get behind finding good deals, I think we can all get behind an organization that is out here trying to make everyone's lives a little easier.

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