If We’re Talking About #CancelCulture, ‘Simp’ Is Where We Need To Start.
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If We’re Talking About #CancelCulture, ‘Simp’ Is Where We Need To Start.

‘Simp’ needs to go

If We’re Talking About #CancelCulture, ‘Simp’ Is Where We Need To Start.
Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Social Media platform, TikTok, has become one of the most popular apps to share comedic content. It has also become the breeding ground for words such as 'simp' to become popular. 'Simp' has developed into an insult for a man who may show too much interest in a woman. Simp has become more of a meme than a serious societal norm; however, it's headed in that direction.

Simple words like 'simp' seem harmless and humorous, but they do gain power and can negatively affect a whole generation. The fight for men to feel more comfortable with receiving counseling and even being able to express their feelings has come along way, 'simp' undoes a significant amount of progress made towards that.

Men use 'simp' against other male friends when they go out of their way to impress a girl or give up things they like to do for a girl. Girls use the term to compare the man to a puppy dog, or someone who overly worships them. Both are harmful to men as they are trying to navigate how to feel and when they can or express their emotions. These actions only contribute to men feeling they need to alter their interactions so they do not show too many 'simp-like’ behaviors.

Our society complains that hookup culture has become too prominent and there are not a lot of healthy relationships. When terms like this are used to describe men while they are exemplifying healthy relationship practices, it will cause them for embarrassment and judgement than rearward. Allowing the use of this word, will encourage men to act less interested, less impressed, and less emotional towards women. Women are standing by and even joining in on the discouragement of friendly behaviors that are twisted into "submissive behaviors."

I asked a handful of men how they felt about the word simp and how it would, or has, made them feel being called it. Most of the men agreed it is a word they have all heard in a negative conitation to them or another guy and they have felt directly affected by it. Here are a few men and their responses:

One man says, “the way simp is defined in the perspective of a man it's pretty much calling him a beta. . . or too 'wimpy' to act like a man"

Another man says, “it {simp} can easily make a guy think that his positive actions towards a girl are somehow wrong, therefore encouraging him to be less available to her or not treat her as positively because that's what he's “supposed" to do."

If words like 'simp' continue, we could be at risk of backtracking a lot in societal progress as well as significantly decreasing the amount of healthy relationships. We need to be aware about how we indirectly shift the norms in society and also how we can work towards making more positive for all people to express their feelings.

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