If Villanova Landmarks Were Ice Cream Flavors
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Student Life

If Villanova Landmarks Were Ice Cream Flavors

Because ice cream and Villanova should be everyone's two favorite things.

If Villanova Landmarks Were Ice Cream Flavors

As a freshman in college who lives only steps away from a dining hall, the hardest choice I make is what I want to eat for the day. That choice is 10 times harder at 10:37 p.m. when I'm standing in front of the glow of the coveted ice cream freezer light, faced with the choice of Half-Baked, Cherry Garcia, or Boom Chocolata (or buying all three let’s be honest). Far too many of my coveted “points” and seemingly endless “nova bucks” have fallen to the whims of my late night Ben and Jerry’s runs. How else am I supposed to get through my statistics homework, French readings, and English essays? The mass amounts of Ben and Jerry’s flavors and names got me thinking. If Villanova were to have its own flavor what would it be called? What flavors and mix-ins would be used to perfectly capture the spirited student body, the driven faculty members, and the unique landmarks all Villanovans have grown to love?

The Pavilion- The blue and white cotton candy swirls of the Pavilion flavor will invigorate you, leaving you with the same feeling that you get when your in the stands at a Villanova basketball game. The uncontainable spirit of the student body and the raw energy they posses will come through with the hidden pop rocks candy sprinkled throughout the ice cream. As you hear the pop rocks exploding with every bite you can almost make out the sweet sounds of Will D Cat and Jay Wright leading the whole population in the classic, “Nova…Nation” chant. This flavor is so good you’ll be finished eating the whole carton in 4.7 seconds.

The Oreo- this classic cookies and cream flavor will instantly make you feel at home. When I first visited Villanova it was a Friday afternoon and the Oreo was filled with student groups at tables passing out candy, kids playing Frisbee or studying on the grass, and friends enjoying lunch outside of café nova. When I walked past the lively Oreo for the first time that was the moment I knew that Villanova would be my new home. The classic flavors replicate the well-known sculpture to a T. The added element of rainbow sprinkles swirled throughout will remind the eater of all of the activity and that surrounds this vital landmark.

Connelly- Sweet coffee ice cream with a chocolate cookie core represent the Connelly center on campus. The coffee notes will remind the consumer of my personal life saver on campus- Holy Grounds. It also serves as a comforting, but energizing flavor because one can go to Connelly to relax and feel at home with friends but also to attend many student events. This building is at the core of campus and is used to bring our student body together as one, which is replicated through the chocolate cookie core.

The Church- When the consumer goes to bite into the beautiful rainbow sherbet they will be instantly reminded of the “classic Villanova picture” – the St. Thomas of Villanova church at sunset. The views of the church make any Villanovan proud of their school and the beautiful campus on which they reside. The walk up to the church at sunset is arguably the most breathtaking sight you’ll see for miles around. The church also embodies what it means to be a Villanovan and reminds us to incorporate Caritas, Unitas, and Veritas in our daily lives. This flavor is sure to be posted on NovaNationer’s Instagram at least 10 times in the next month alone.

Tolentine- Tolentine would be straight up vanilla. It's the type of flavor that hasn't been touched or updated for years and will probably leave you wanting more. It probably doesn't excite you, just like the thousands of stairs there are to climb in Tolentine don't excite you. And really, it's never that refreshing, just like the building which is always a thousand degrees. Regardless, the flavor tastes a little like home because you unfortunately spend way too much of your time sitting in a Tolentine classroom.

The Spit – With Spit ice cream, you’ll always be on your toes. This particular flavor is a mystery, and changes with every carton. Some may argue that Spit is the best food option on campus. They are failing to recognize that you never know what you’ll get when dining on south. One night you could have life-changing stir-fry, the next night you could have chills inducing vegan meatless meatloaf cupcakes. It truly is a game of chance, but one I’m willing to take. Are you?

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