If Harry Potter Has Taught Me Anything...

If Harry Potter has taught me anything

It's don't let the bad guys win, even if they take over the Ministry

And no one believes you

Because they don't think Voldemort's really back

But deep down they're scared he is

Haven't you noticed that even though there's nothing to worry about

They still don't say his name?

And they gaslight you but deep down in their hearts they know

They just want to hold on to that shred of denial

Because without it, it would be hard to admit that evil is a thing

of the past

But it's not dead and buried, it's alive and well

And your voluntary ignorance is making it worse

Your sitting on the sidelines will only help him to prevail

And innocent people will be dead because

you were too scared to face the truth

I guess the question is do you want to go down in history as

the one who aided him through silence or the one who tried to

stop him through actions and words

It's a tough choice and few people make the right one

It doesn't take a Chosen One

Just someone willing

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