If the Confederate flag must go, what about these?
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If the Confederate flag must go, what about these?

Add these to the list if they aren't there already.

If the Confederate flag must go, what about these?

Since the discovery of Dylan Roof (the culprit of the Charleston shooting) posing with the Confederate Flag in several pictures, much chaos has been stirred up in the debate of whether or not to ban the flag. As the dispute is pressured, many other terms and figures that touch on racial hatred are being debated with many hoping that the slurs go extinct in addition to the Confederate flag.

Aunt Jemima

The character for the Quaker Oates Company’s pancake mix and syrup is nothing other than a mammy. A "mammy" is a woman that was forced to abandon her family and children and worked as a maid and raised her slave owner's children. A mammy was usually genuinely kind, heavy in weight, and said to have had a loud mouth. The original image on the pancake mix boxes and syrup bottles portrayed a heavy set black woman with a red bandana tied around her head, bright red lipstick, and an apron. In older advertisements and commercials, Aunt Jemima could be quoted saying slogans such as, "I's in town, honey!" Although the company has gotten rid of the ebonic catch phrases, the history of the mascot lives on leaving some resentful and unbothered and others satisfied.

The Redskins

The Washington Redskins debate is nothing new. Since the uprising of the controversy surrounding the Confederate flag, the quarrel of the Redskin mascot has once again come under attack. Owner Dan Snyder acts as if he is blind to the all complaints as he still takes no initiative into changing the mascot. Native Americans on social media, such as Twitter, have been quoted making comments such "It's time to get rid of the 'R' word." Many have also said that the mascot offends them in the same manner that African Americans are insulted by the Confederate flag. For those who aren't Native American, the mascot is not so offensive. But the mascot also interrogates if teams were named for example, Chicago Caucasians or Atlanta African Americans, would those be widely accepted?

Ice Cream Truck Song

Most American children and even still some adults are saturated with joy and excitement as they hear the familiar tune blasting out of an ice cream truck, but if the lyrics to the tune were played as well, then there would be parents clasping their hands in bewilderment around their young one's ears. The most popular version of the tune produced in 1916 by Columbia Records was made entirely to mock the African American race. The lyrics go as follows:

"N***** love a watermelon ha ha, ha ha!

N***** love a watermelon ha ha, ha ha!

For here, they're made with a half a pound of co'l

There's nothing like a watermelon for a hungry coon"

It is obvious how insulting the song is based solely on the chorus, but the lyrics are even more offensive as the song plays out.

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