Valentine's Day is right around the corner making couples excited (I hope) and single people are either making plans on how to spend the day with their friends or ...alone. However, what about the couples that are miles away from each other? Here are some ideas about how to spend V-Day when your partner is on the other side of the ocean.

1. Movie night.

This is a primary long-distance date. All you have to do is turn on your webcam, video call him, pull up Netflix, pick the same movie and play! My boyfriend and I have started doing this, and it's romantic. Sure, he isn't right beside me, but this gives me the opportunity of looking at him and see his reactions to the movie we are watching...something I can't do if he was right beside me. Just make sure to have snacks for the film (unless you like seeing the other person having fun eating snacks)

2. Dinner.

You might be thinking how are we going to have dinner when we are not in the same country, a lot less the same house?! The answer is simple, video call and food! What you'd do is agree on a meal, say pasta. Both cook a meal with pasta, either the same thing or different. Place the laptop on the table to give this feeling that you're in a table together and talk.

3. Gifts.

If you have your partner P.O. Box address you can send them a present just in time for Valentine's day! Picture yourself this is waking up to a notification that a package has been delivered to you and realize that your partner had planned for this day. Of course, it is more sentimental if it was a handmade present. Don't worry, if you don't know how to knit or make a homemade photo album, because nowadays technology is your best friend. You can create a personified music playlist or a photo/video collage and sent it to your partner email.

4. Online gaming.

Are both of you gamer? Do you both have the same online game? You might not think its romantic, but the trick is to add some spice to it. Keep in mind that the way to spice up gaming night is all up to you and your partner. For example, my partner and I every time we play together he challenges me not to die more than three times, and if I accomplish that I get a romantic cheesy line, I do the same, but he has to stop getting all the kills.