Apparently, June is National Dairy Month. Did some kind of dairy company come up with that? Who knows. If you ask me, most of these "national XYZ" months and days seem a little made up, especially when there are multiple of the same type within a year. However, I will always welcome an excuse to eat a food that I love — one of which is ice cream.

If this isn't clear already I will say: I am not vegan. At the same time, I appreciate non-dairy food products and recognize that's a preference for some. Luckily we live in Los Angeles, a city full of dairy, meat or whatever-else-alternatives, so even though this is "dairy month," I think "non-dairy month" is a fine way to celebrate June too. Plus, many regular ice cream shops in LA offer a non-dairy option.

Regardless of where you fall in that regard, it's always exciting when new places open shop in Angel City. We live in an amazing city with some very well-known hotspots, so it's great when you can check a great place out before the rest of the city catches wind. That's why the following list only includes newly opened ice cream shops across the city. Read on to find out how to celebrate National Dairy Month in true hipster fashion — get this ice cream before it becomes "cool."

1. Mango Ten Ten


Mango Ten Ten is first because it's close to USC's campus. Just a short drive up Western Ave will bring you to this new juice, smoothie, and ice cream store. It's inexpensive and is a great place to cool down this summer, especially if you like fruit.

2. Drip N Roll

Studio City

Here you can get the ultra trendy rolled ice cream, as well as a great coffee drink. Even better: They offer vegan flavors! Rather than the traditional dairy option, you can get an almond milk-based treat.

3. Milkcow Cafe


This place has got some wild toppings to choose from, including cotton candy, matcha powder, or a honeycomb. Reviewers love the creamy ice cream they serve. What are you waiting for?

4. Uji Time Dessert


You've probably seen those ice cream cones on Instagram that look like a fish — here's where you can get one. Plus, the ice cream flavors are unique. You can choose from matcha, sesame, tofu, and more.

5. Supercool Creamery

Los Feliz

Nitro ice cream, have you heard of it? It's an artisanal experience and definitely worth checking out. This is essentially dessert plus a show.