In case you missed it, Ian Somerhalder has a new show coming out on Netflix called "V Wars."

It may not take place in Mystic Falls, but Ian Somerhalder in another vampire drama brings back all the "The Vampire Diaries" feels. PLUS, Somerhalder's love interest is set to be his wife, Nikki Reed.

The plot of the show is somewhat ironic in that Somerhalder's character, Dr. Swann, is the human hero in the series where he plays a doctor who is trying to understand a disease that infected his best friend, Michael Fayne, that turns him into a vampire. Sounds like an Alaric Saltzman storyline to me.

The trailer shows Somerhalder as the protagonist who is looking to eradicate said disease that is transforming people into these vampire monsters. After his best friend is infected, he seems to lead this army of other vampires who are waging war on humans to turn them into the monsters as well.

Fans are very excited about this new 10-episode series because of its similarities to "The Vampire Diaries," and the fact that Ian Somerhalder gets to star alongside his wife.

The new show will debut on Netflix in just a few weeks on Dec. 5, and let's be honest, you will probably binge-watch the full season in a day or two.

If you're a fan of "The Vampire Diaries," make some room in your Netflix queue because this will be your new favorite.

If Ian's character is half as sexy and charming as Damon Salvator, count me in.