I Watched Baywatch For 24 Hours Straight.
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I Watched Baywatch For 24 Hours Straight.

And Here's What I Learned.

I Watched Baywatch For 24 Hours Straight.
Photo by Jernej Graj on Unsplash

I was in search of a new television show to binge watch when I came across Hulu's recent addition: "Baywatch" Remastered.

1. The episodes are 30% dialogue and 70% montage.


"Baywatch" opens every episode with a montage. It usually consists of people on the beach, surfing, swimming, talking or playing volleyball. Long grazing shots of beautiful women in bikinis are depicted while a thundering soundtrack of electronic bass plays out. Once a plotline has been established, more montages are inserted. As a result, it feels like each episode is 3 hours long.

2. Everyone is hot...unless they're evil. 

The doctors, the mailmen and the policemen are all handsome muscular men.

3. Pamela Anderson made her "Baywatch" debut by playing a saxophone.


At first, I thought Pamela Anderson would burst onto the screen in the iconic red bathing suit in the first episode of the first season. Instead, I had to wait until season 3 for the actress to appear, playing a saxophone, on a rock, in a river.

4. There are some feminist undertones. 

"Baywatch" sort of balances out the objectification of attractive women in bikinis by illustrating strong female friendships. For instance, during a lifeguard tryout, two female characters stuck together in o

5. Plot points are immediately dropped once someone is rescued. 

This was an immediate realization during my private watch party. In one episode, a relaxing, fun- filled day at the beach quickly turned traumatic when swimmers were being attacked by a wild sprawl of jellyfish. There was blood, skin infections and crying women. I was intrigued as to how this event will be solved. Will David Hasselhoff unzip his swim trunks and urinate? (This is a common medicinal cure for jellyfish stings.)

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