It's discovering who you are with out the influences

I Took Myself Out On A Date And This Is What I Found Out

It's discovering who you are with out the influence of other people. It's finding out things you didn't know about yourself and even finding new hobbies.

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I took myself out on a date.

Yes, like a dinner and a movie date. Recently i've been dealing with being lonely in my singleness.

I knew it was a natural feeling to have especially being single for two years.

My mentors have always told me to be to make time for myself and I've always heard " enjoy being single" or " learn to be content with being alone". Those were words I definitley didn't want to hear.

I ran from this method for two years hoping that I can figure out how to get what I wanted and be "happy" on my own.

I didn't know I was only hurting myself.

I finally decided to let myself enjoy my time to myself.

one night I was lying in bed and thought how much I wanted to go out on a date. some of my friends have done it and it seemed fun.

So I planned a date. I looked forward to the day all week just like I would if I was going on a date with a guy.

The night before I did my hair, and did a facial and I must say I need to do it more often. I picked out my outfit and had it ready.

The next day I put on my best make up, as I was applying it started to feel nervous and felt weird.

I thought about how silly I felt and how I was going through all this trouble to take myself out.

I felt so uncomfortable that I was trying to talk myself out of it. At that moment I knew I was doing the right thing.

I went all out and treated myself just like I would want my significant other would treat me, I bought my ticket and shopped at my favorite stores. When it was time for the movie I bought popcorn and soda and after the movie, I took myself out to eat at my favorite restaurant.

When I got home I felt so loved I felt closer to myself and I felt stronger.

I've been learning that dating yourself is just doing things you want to do by yourself.

It's discovering who you are without the influence of other people. It's finding out things you didn't know about yourself and even finding new hobbies.

It's learning to be content and independent.

If you don't learn yourself and how you tick, how can you get to close to another person.?

Dating yourself can teach you to be self-aware. There is nothing wrong with still wanting to be in a relationship, or wanting to be social, it's just important to put yourself first. Make yourself the priority.

I really encourage young women and MEN to treat themselves to a date. Tell people as well. If your friends ask you if you have plans say yes, I'm going on a date. If they ask with who that's just up to your discretion.

I'm so pleased with this journey of self-love and contentment. I would love for others to experience it as well.

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