Every Bachelorette has been much of the same kind of brand. She is beautiful, well-spoken, traditional, and for the most part always eager to get married. I think Hannah while some of those things is a complete deviation from the typical fem role the network has been trying to produce for years upon years.

1. Hannah Says It Simple

Simply Put


Hannah B. has had some good sayings this season. She is great about saying a lot in a little bit. She doesn't let the boys dictate her voice or do anything out of obligation. She canceled multiple cocktail parties because she knew what she wanted to do and didn't want to have to play a role during the cocktail party.

2. She's Actually Funny


I am an awkward human being and so is Hannah. I love that about her. It is funny and raw and unintentional most of the times and overall is relatable.

3. She Is Honest About Her Needs


All the ladies know that even we have needs. Hannah B. may have been the female kissing bandito but put yourself in her shoes and you'd probably do much of the same. At least she is honest on the show about fantasy suites and prior dates

4. She Makes Mistakes In Love


I think that it is important to make sure you know what you exactly want and act on that explicitly. Hannah knows she wants a husband out of this and Luke P. was the first to say he was hoping to be that man. Most women would also fall for Luke P. Saying she is stupid for falling for his acts is just shenanigans as you were not in her shoes and also being put in the same position likely would have done the same. Who could say they have not fallen for a Luke P a time or two? Someone who played a role around you and tried to make it all perfect but never really let you see the real person underneath it all? Newsflash: we like Hannah don't want perfect we want, "to know the dirty, the stuff that scarred you." So I stan Hannah because she makes mistakes and is not being held to a higher standard of humanhood due to the fact she's on a reality show.

She Is Traditional While Being Untraditional


While the Bachelorette is a less that orthodox method into finding a soulmate Hannah keeps it pretty normal. She keeps it very real and has a strong foundation. Her faith is a lot similiar to a new age Christian which I think a lot of people can identify with. Also she keeps the group dates fun in a very tradtional sense. We have fun competitons and then a nice evening planned out.

In short she may look like the average Bachelorette or beauty queen but she is a lot different from the past few that we have seen and thankfully so.