It took until by best friend begged me to rush for me to finally fill out that sheet. Now, it's the best decision I've made, even though the process of it was tough. Here is the best advice I can give someone before they rush:

1. Be yourself

This is the most important. The houses truly want to get to know who you are, and by being yourself you'll find the best house for you.

2. Look past only being in the "top house"

Don't rush a sorority only because it's the "better" house. Follow your gut and find the best fit for yourself. After you're in a sorority and have found your home and new sisters, you'll learn that being in a top house really doesn't matter.

3. Go through the entire process

Do not drop if you don't get the house you loved didn't ask you back. Go through the entire process and see where you end up, you may end up loving it. And after you find out where ended up, if you still don't like it, then consider dropping. But always give it a chance, you'd be surprised.

4. Be nice to everyone

Even the houses you don't like. All the chapters talk during this process, and if you're mean at one house, word will get around to the others.


you are going to hear this again and again when rushing, and you're going to hate it. But try your best to trust that this process works, and at the end of it you're going to find your home!