I Lost My Phone For 72 Hours And It Was A Struggle
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I Lost My Phone For 72 Hours And It Was A Struggle

Maybe I'm a little more obsessed with my iPhone than I think!!

I Lost My Phone For 72 Hours And It Was A Struggle
Lindsey Ocock

I got this text on my computer and I realized I had left my phone in an Uber — this started my weekend without a phone and a giant learning experience.

I was listening to a podcast the other day and the girl was talking about social media's toxic nature. It made me think, we are constantly in contact with more people than ever before. People used to lose touch over the years and now it's so easy to get in contact with someone over the internet via Facebook or Instagram.

Losing my phone for three days was good for me.

I needed to disconnect and it was nice to actually pay attention to the world around me. Of course, I still had my laptop and you can access all of the same social media websites from a MacBook. Well... except for Snapchat.

I love Snapchat is most of my heart and it was sad to think that I would be losing 100-day streaks with some of my besties but let's get real! Snapchat streaks are TOO much! And why are people keeping streaks just for the heck of it? Not me. Never again will I keep a streak just to say I have a streak with someone!!

It was good for me to have to walk across campus and run into people I know without my headphones in or the comfort of my phone to look at when I awkwardly passed someone I didn't want to say "hi" to.

It was a struggle to get in touch with people without a mobile device in my back pocket at all times, but I made it work.

I didn't have to Find My Friends to let me know if my roommates were home before I got there or to see if my friends were in the library at the same time as me.

I"m thankful that I lost my phone because it obviously taught me to keep up with my things and I learned that I'm so obsessed with constantly being in touch with everyone in my life. I'm literally never alone because everyone is a FaceTime call or an Instagram DM away.

Even the most extroverted person in the world could benefit from disconnecting and having some true alone time.

I'm obsessed with my iPhone and that's a scary thought, but after losing my phone for three days I realize that could survive without being glued to my phone.

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