Why Rainy Days are Awful

Rainy Days Are Absolutely AWFUL, Don't @ Me

A gloomy day is also a doomed day.


I am going to lose quite a few friendships after this article is published, but this needs to be said: rainy days suck! I'd rather it be snowing than raining any day.

During rainy days, I literally have no motivation to do anything. It's so dark and gloomy out, and everyone just feels — gray. How do you expect me to get work done if the weather is so bad? Getting up for class daily is already hard enough but on rainy days it's especially difficult and nearly impossible. Every rainy day should be dubbed as days that classes are canceled.

Also, can we talk about how it ruins HAIR? Like, I could have my hair straightened and the moment any part of my head comes in contact with a water droplet, it's over. All of the effort and work that I put into my thick hair is gone, all because of the weather. The frizz is real and I look like I got electrocuted by the time I reach my destination. Humidity plays a huge factor too. The rain could pause but if I walk outside all done up, you best believe my hair will poof up due to the humidity lingering in the air.

When I'm wearing my glasses and it starts pouring, it's so uncomfortable. I hate it when raindrops fill up my glasses and then I am in no control of the fact that I can't see for a second. With the drivers on our campus, that's NOT safe. Ugh, I hate it.

Okay, I am a sucker for keeping my shoes clean, I freaking love my sneakers. If there is unexpected rain and I don't have my rain boots on, I literally will refuse to leave the building until the rain stops or I will Uber everywhere. And even when I am wearing rain boots, they are so uncomfy and walking in them around campus sucks. They don't look cute with any outfit either (at least mine don't). Walking in the rain on campus in general sucks, whether you have an umbrella or raincoat. There are too many people and someone's bound to get poked in the eye by an umbrella.

Rainy days take a TOLL on my mood, too.

Like, I feel just as sad as the weather looks for no apparent reason and start having really dark thoughts about life and my future, or I go to sleep and end up sleeping the entire day. I don't even want to leave my bed. I have things to do and places to be every single day and rainy days will ruin my week whenever they come along.

Rainy days are the literal worst and if you agree, please let me know so we can bond over this.

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Honeybees Are Finally Making A Comeback

Hear what all the buzz is about

By now everyone who is aware of current events or goes on the internet probably knows that bees have been disappearing for a while now. Over the past couple decades, actually. This creates an abundance of concern for anyone in the scientific or environmental community.

Although, it should concern everyone because bees are a very important contributor in our world. Honeybees are one the biggest pollinators that nature has: “it is estimated that one-third of our food is pollinated by bees”. Without bees, we may very well be in trouble.

The bees started disappearing because of a phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder, this is when most of the bees in a colony disappear without a specific known cause. Certain diseases and pesticides have been looked at as part of the cause, but nobody has been able to nail down one particular cause or factor. Mites have also been a problem for bees, specifically the “varroa mite, a parasite that lives only in beehives and survives by sucking insect blood”.

As terrible as these things are, there is some good news. It seems as if the bees are coming back! According to Alan Bjerga who wrote this article for Bloomberg, the rate of lost hives from colony collapse disorder has gone down 27% since 2016.

Did you know that several other species of bees have been added to the endangered list? Chances are many people don’t know. These other species may not be as directly important as the honeybee but they still carry their own weight and significance.

Mark Chorba, a researcher at Virginia Tech said, “they are coming back” and also mentioned how the large amounts of internet attention have helped to save and bring back several different species of bees, not just the honeybee

Of course, there will always be the same problems like different types of mites, and the ever-prevalent use of pesticides, but with continued work and patience, the number of bees will keep increasing, an incredibly good sign for our environment. If more and more people continue to get and stay interested in the safety if our bees, less and less will be disappearing. In a lot of cases, if people left nature alone the bee species might be better off, although monitoring and conservation are always good ideas.

The webpage Sustain emphasizes the importance of honeybees in this article. Within the article, the author says that “80% of the U.S crop is dependant on honey bees”. It continues to speak about the other industries that are affected by bees such as the meat industry, the dairy industry, and even cosmetics and the beauty industry. Knowing how much of modern society’s life is touched by the impact of bees, it is likely that society will band together to save and protect them.

Even though these important insects might be on the comeback, doesn’t mean we can start ignoring them again. In order to keep our bee populations up and safe, we have to make sure to stay on top of protecting them and their hives. Remember, it benefits us as well if the bees are safe!

To everyone helping out with and that is concerned about this topic, continue to bee awesome!

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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Abnormal Weather Is The BEST Thing, You Can't Convince Me Otherwise

We all enjoy a nice cool day, but, in the winter or early spring, it's rare to get it — a dramatic rise in temperature is the best thing for you.


It's snowing one day, and the next morning you look out the window to see girls wearing tank-tops and guys walking around shirtless. Some states hold the same temperature for months on end — it's a rarity for it to dramatically drop or rise like it does other places. When it holds steady, you know exactly what to expect.

For other people who live in the states — where you never know how the weather is going to turn out — it's a roller coaster. As someone who currently lives in Illinois, I know exactly what that's like. You might have to go out and head to class or work, and you're all bundled up and it feels like the cold will never end. That weather starts to bring you down because you know it's going warm up eventually, but it's just not there yet. The days continue to drag on as you wait inside, watching out the window.

But the moment the weather finally warms up and you see the sun shining, the stress of the cold or rainy weather finally breaks down — you feel the weight lift. Even if it just is one day followed by a day just as terrible as the last, you still have that warm air to drive with the windows down and walk around in your favorite cute shorts with a short-sleeved shirt. Everyone is out, enjoying the comfortable temperature. After all, it is proven that the warmer weather does lift your spirits. This way you're not stuck in your house because it's too cold to go out.

When it's warm out, take advantage of it by doing things such as going on a walk, swimming if you have a pool, walking your dog (or cat), or starting up your garden. There are endless things to do when the weather is reasonable enough to do them. Trust me, appreciate the warmth and make an effort! Who knows when the next night day will come around?

Recapping what I said — back to what the best thing about abnormal weather is — you don't expect it. One day you're freezing and trying to get to the next class, or walking from your car to the store or to your house. Then, you're actually taking your time to enjoy being outside instead of rushing to get away from it. It's uplifting and hopeful when you walk outside, not getting hit by a gust of chilly wind.

It's good for your mental health because it's not freezing or burning day after day. You finally get to see the horizon when it comes to spring or fall. So, you know what you have to do? Go out on that nice sunny day! You may not have another chance in weeks. Let's be real, I'm currently writing this outside because it feels much better than the last few weeks we've had!

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