Why Being An Adult Sucks

As I continue through this year so far, and before the end of it, I often contemplate the fact that I'm now an adult. And I freakin' hate it. Honestly, being an adult sucks. Or the thought that I am one? I don't know, it just seems off to be an adult.

Here's a quick reminder, I'm 20, and I'm not that far off from 21 either. However, the life of a 20-year-old is kinda scary to be quite honest. And that's okay! If you're like me, you'd probably miss a lot of the things you used to be able to do and not do when you were younger and looking back at it now, you probably miss them. Let's count the perks of not being an adult:

1. No bills

2. No stress

3. You had a social life

Well, that's not much, but even then, many of you probably look back at high school and miss these perks and the fun moments, and the moments where you felt less stress than what you probably do now into the semester. I can't blame ya, everyone has that moment, and if you say you don't, you're a freakin' liar.

Looking at my life now, riddled with bills and going into my career, I start to pinpoint the fact that I am truly becoming an adult and it's kinda scary. The thoughts of paying mortgages, student debt, and other shit like that. Or the thought of being in a dead-end job or never getting my life together. I remember not long ago I was 17 going on 18, taking late night drives with my friends through the city and going to the same classes with them and fooling around here and there in class.

Or having a movie night at a friend's house and fooling around and being kids. Now everyone has a job or they're busy with school, or they already have kids or are married. But then again, the past is the past for a reason and sometimes it's time to let go. So as we get closer to the end of 2018 with just two months away, and three months away from me being 21, I look back at all those years of being a kid and feel nostalgic. I think that's normal too, and it's normal for everyone else too.

If you miss high school and the times before, it's fine! It's OK to miss your childhood, Hell most of our best times were probably in those years. But as an adult, I believe it's a hard adjustment to this new lifestyle when all we assumed as we were kids was that most adults have their lives together and it's not true.

To be honest with you, most adults like myself and plenty of others don't have our lives in check as much and are trying. And you probably wouldn't get it right off the bat either. And honestly, that's OK. Life isn't a race, go at your own pace. Eventually, we'll be 30 and get it right. Or not, I don't know, I'm not God so... yeah. But I'm serious, life isn't so structured and neither should you be either, it's good to have age goals and goal posts but if you don't get it right away, that's fine. You got a whole lifetime ahead of you! Enjoy it. Go at it one sock at a time even if that sock has a hole in it.
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