Over Thanksgiving break, I got my first facial.

I had wanted a facial for a long time before then, and thus, I was a bit nervous about my first experience. However, the second I walked into the spa, I was surprised by how chill everyone was. Friendly and eager to help, my esthetician, Kate*, escorted me to the back where a row of rooms waited in a dim lighting.

At this time (after introductions), my esthetician and I chatted about my skin: that I have hyperpigmentation, mild acne, and combination skin. After smiling once more, my esthetician left, and I was by myself. I quickly changed into the towel body wrap (I was allowed to keep my jeans on) and snuggled into the warm sheets on the bed.

Kate came in afterward, and the session became. First, she pulled my hair back with a wrap. She studied my face first before putting on the glycolic peel. The glycolic peel went on cold but then soon tingled during which Kate turned on the fan to lessen the sensations. She rubbed off the peel with a hot towel and then put on some cleansers and creams.

I'm just going to say it: having someone massage your face is fantastic. I was never one to care about my skincare routine - at least, not as much as others do. I suffer from acne, and I put on creams for that, and I cleanse and moisturize, but otherwise, I don't do much.

Lying down in a golden-lit room under warm blankets is only a part of the facial experience; having someone care for your skin in a way that you never do otherwise is the other part and the best part.

Another one of my favorite parts of the facial was when Kate gave me a mini body massage. She applied a cream on my shoulders and clavicle and rubbed out the knots in my shoulders and neck.

After the facial, Kate waited for me outside while I changed back into my regular clothes. I got the first look of my face in the mirror in the hall, and I was glowing. GLOWING. My face never looked so healthy before, and my skin never felt so fresh before; I was almost afraid to touch it as if I would taint it.

At the checkout, I exchanged goodbyes with Kate, and she told me instructions on how to care for my skin in the weeks coming. I nodded enthusiastically and afterward; she returned to her work. The receptionist was equally just as sweet, and I made a second appointment with Kate during winter break. I cannot wait to go back because if I felt that great after one facial, I can only imagine how I - how my skin - would feel after another one.

If any of you are debating on whether or not you should get a facial, I will simply say this: it is worth the money to take care of your skin once in a while. As college students, we are too prone to bad diets, bad sleeping habits, and bad exercising regimens, which in turn causes our skin to react negatively. Getting a facial by a professional esthetician is not only relaxing, but it can also make you motivated to care for your skin.

*name changed for privacy reasons