As I start to advance in my career, I hold some things much more valuable than others. I also despise certain things much more than I did before.

Success is something every person wants, or at least should want. We all want to live comfortably, and if we are fortunate enough to be doing something we love to do, then that's just icing on the cake.

I believe that in order to reach ultimate success, collaboration, community, and congratulations are essential values to have. Ever since I began to hold these values higher than others when it comes to my career, I have taken larger strides towards my end goal. Each of these values holds significant weight in my journey to being successful in the career path that I love.


One of the first things we are taught in college, and sometimes even high school, is the importance of networking. Oftentimes, networking is the stepping stone to collaborating with others and coming up with ideas that could potentially be groundbreaking.

In the media and film industry, our careers literally revolve around connecting with others and conjoining our creative ideas that then produce art. I'm sure the same rules apply for many other industries. Although it's not always the most comfortable thing to do, it is necessary to be successful.


I learned very early in life that there is strength in numbers. I am blessed to have an amazing support system and don't think I would be where I am today without them.

One thing I am still learning is to make sure everyone around you wants the best for you. I expect nothing but genuine support from my friends and family, and I strive to do the same for them.

If you don't have a healthy group of people surrounding you who are praying for you and succeeding with you, then you are basically just carrying extra baggage. Let go of that dead weight!


Celebrate your people! There is nothing worse than accomplishing something you are proud of and not being able to tell your friends or family because you don't think they will care. Everyone should be celebrated for something. It builds confidence and motivation.

It is also completely fine to tell yourself congratulations!

Treat yourself to something or somewhere special. Don't get carried away, but make sure you do it often enough that you're not feeling like you are working hard with no reward. It is extremely important to motivate yourself and show yourself some love.

I encourage everyone on the road to success, to take these three values into consideration. I think it will lead to a much more genuine and successful community in the end.

I was listening to Black Girl Podcast's 50th episode the other day, and LaLa Milan said it best, "Are y'all hungry? Then let's eat."