I have problems starting new TV shows. I know the ones I like, and it's hard for me to start a new show. Because of this, I didn't start "One Tree Hill" until the fall of last year. Shortly after starting, I got the news that Netflix would no longer be offering it as part of their streaming selection.

My heart was so sad, because I had just started getting into this glorious show, and it was being taken away from me in the blink of an eye. I was able to finish the first two seasons, but that was it. There were still seven seasons of episodes that I had just accepted I would never get to see.

Then Hulu stepped up to the plate.

I remember the day I found out Hulu would be offering "One Tree Hill" to be streamed. I couldn't believe it, but at the same time, I was ecstatic. I thought all hope of following along through these characters' life journeys was gone, but Hulu saved me from that despair. Hulu has allowed me to feel as if I am in Tree Hill, North Carolina right there with Brooke, Nathan, Haley, and the rest of the gang.

I'm still not done with the show. I'm only about halfway through season three, but already I am so glad I was able to keep watching. If I'm being honest, I already knew, for the most part, how the show turns out. You see, I also have problems simply watching a show and not finding out what happens.

I tend to look on Pinterest or Wikipedia to find out who ends up together/who dies/who gets to chase their dreams. I find it calming to know this information when scary situations arise, so I am able to be sure that my favorite character doesn't die. Or I can accept the fact that they die far in advance.

So I know that Nathan and Haley end up together. I know that Brooke Davis has one of the greatest character transformations in TV history. And I know that Dan and Keith eventually make up in heaven. Without Hulu, though, I would only know this from pictures and gifs found on the internet. Now, I get to live it. I get to experience every heartbreak, happy day, and excitement that each one of the characters experiences. I get to laugh, cry, or do both along with the residents of Tree Hill.

So thank you, Hulu, for giving me this opportunity.

Thank you for believing in a show that is so dearly loved by so many, and taking the steps needed to bring it back to the world of online streaming. Thank you, on behalf of people like me, who waited to start watching, for not letting it be too late for us.