7 Reasons 'Hubie Halloween' Is A Must-Watch Halloween Film For October Movie Nights
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7 Reasons 'Hubie Halloween' Is A Must-Watch Halloween Film For October Movie Nights

Just knowing it's an Adam Sandler movie, you can assume it's funny but very ridiculous.

7 Reasons 'Hubie Halloween' Is A Must-Watch Halloween Film For October Movie Nights

"Hubie Halloween" was just released on October 7. It follows Hubie Dubois in Salem, Massachusetts, on Halloween. He patrols the town to make sure people are safe. He's the kindest and caring person in the town and also the most bullied.

This poor man is scared of everything. He screams when he sees scary decorations and when people prank him. Definitely a laugh, but when I watched it, I felt bad for him. The one person that pulled at my heartstrings is Violet Valentine, a woman he had a crush on since high school. She's super nice to him and stands up for him when she can. It was great seeing someone, other than his grandma, on Hubie's side.

If you're looking for a heartfelt funny movie, this is one to watch.

1. You can’t miss out on a new Halloween movie.

Halloween is the time of new and classic movies, you can't pass up the opportunity to watch!

2. It’s an Adam Sandler movie.

He's definitely had some cringe worthy movies, but no matter your opinion on him, I think most of us can agree that we end up watching what he comes out with anyway.

3. There’s a great cast.

There's classic Adam Sandler cast members like Chris Rock, Julie Bowen, Kevin James, Maya Rudolph, Rob Schneider and Steve Buscemi. But, then there's some new familiar faces, Peyton List and Karan Brar from "Jessie," and Bradley Steven Perry from "Good Luck Charlie."It was nice to see them on screen again!

4. You’ll love Hubie’s mother.

She wears very strange graphic t-shirts like one that says. "Boner Donor," "If YouCan Read This You're In Fart Range!," "Kayaking Gets Me Wet" and more. Aside from this, though, she's very loving, caring and protective over Hubie, it's really cute.

5. The movie is ridiculous, but it’s funny.

From pranks, the actors and actresses, Hubie's clumsiness and a thermos that can do literally everything, you're bound to have a good laugh.

6. It’s a good family movie.

When everyone is hanging out together ready for a movie night, throw on "Hubie Halloween." It's completely family friendly and is entertaining for all ages.

7. There’s a life lesson to it.

When it all comes down to it, there's a nice message, which is to treat people with kindness. The movie's overall theme is how mean the people of the town are to Hubie and how he remains kind. It takes a lot for them to realize that what they're doing is wrong, but in the end, the community comes together and people say hi to Hubie rather than throw things at him when he's on his bike.

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