How To Upload An Instagram Worthy Selfie
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How To Upload An Instagram Worthy Selfie

Taking the photo is only half of the battle.

How To Upload An Instagram Worthy Selfie

Capturing the perfect social media worthy picture is hardly as easy as one snap and done. Social media is a neatly packaged completion of the highlights of your life, and most people want their profiles to be scroll inducing. After clicking and choosing the perfect photo, the next step is to edit. A variety of apps are available on the market for editing purposes, each functioning differently.

There are apps specifically for Instagram photos, apps to banish blemishes, and apps to make your beach photo look sunkissed. To download and sort through all of them is a task that most are unwilling to tackle, so I’ve taken the guesswork out of it. Here are the best five apps for ensuring you are giving your photos the professional editing tools that they deserve.

1. Square Fit

Do you know that moment when you’ve captured the perfect moment on your iPhone’s camera, but Instagram insists that the best bits of the photo just NEED to be cropped out?? Square Fit is here for you during these crises and is an app designed specifically for Instagram users.

Square Fit takes your photo that otherwise wouldn’t fit into Instagram’s rigid ratio guidelines and places a thick white border on either side of the picture. When a friend is scrolling through their Insta feed, the edge is not shown, but your full-sized image is.

2. Aviary

Aviary is the jack of all trades when it comes to quick and easy photo editing. If you happen to have a poorly lit photo, red eye or color washout there is a tool that it can provide. Simple adjustments of photo contrast and brightness can make a massive difference to the overall appearance of a photo on social media.

3. Pic Collage

Picture Collages are a bit outdated with Instagram’s new update of the option to add multiple photos per post, but it still holds its place. A picture collage is excellent for capturing many pictures or making decorative scrapbook type photos for Facebook.

Pic Collage has the functions to put photographs together in a simple format or to give them decorative flair with background choices, frames, and stickers. Whether you have left picture collages behind, or chosen a new trend, Pic Collage is an essential app to create a gorgeous montage.

4. Perfect 365

We can’t always look our best in photos. There have been too many good pictures that haven’t seen the light of social media because someone wasn’t wearing makeup or the sun wasn’t flattering. Perfect 365 is an app that lets you customize your digital makeup look with preset looks or individual tools such as mascara, foundation, and eyeshadow.

I add this app with great caution. In moderation Perfect 365 can do wonders for a photo, but when overused can become extraordinarily noticeable and plastic-looking. Cue Barbie.

5. Facetune

Facetune is similar to Perfect365 but offers more tools for everyday issues in photos. Perfect 365 has many of these devices, but they are not as accurate as Facetune. Use Facetune to blur blemishes, whiten teeth, and smooth rough skin patches with natural results.

Again, use this app with caution because it is a powerful editing tool. We don’t need your relatives struggling to pick you out in group photos, but really, use wisely.

The secrets are out, and now you hold the best apps that celebrities and beauty gurus alike have been using for years. Now it's time to choose the perfect photo- good luck!

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