How To Wear Palazzo Pants - Perfect Styling Tips
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How To Wear Palazzo Pants - Perfect Styling Tips

5 Right Ways To Style Palazzo

How To Wear Palazzo Pants - Perfect Styling Tips

Palazzo have been in trend for a long time now. This was one of the most favorite bottom wear in the early 60s and 70s. From eminent personalities to the masses, this was worn and liked by all. This looked classy and came in different colors and prints. Palazzos were styled in many ways, for formal and informal events. This made the piece favorite among all.

Looking into the recent times, you would see that palazzo pants with straight Kurtis have become a trend now. Girls of all ages has been wearing palazzos now and this has indeed become a style statement. So the next time you think about wearing your long Kurtis, ditch those leggings and go for palazzos of contrasting color.

What are Palazzo?

Palazzos are basically super wide legged pants that can do wonders to any outfits. It is the perfect compliment to designer kurtis and looks super ethnic and classy. It is easy to wear, is super convenient and is comfortable too. You can wear them during sunny summer days and avoid the discomfort that can be caused by tight jeans or leggings.

The Palazzo Styling Tips:

A palazzo can be styled in different ways, let us how:

1. Palazzo Kurti Combo-

If you love going the classic way, then a flowy palazzo with straight Kurti is something that you should definitely choose. Even though kurtis are super flowy and so are palazzos, but together, surprisingly, they go really well. You can pair brightly colored kurtis with bright palazzos to get that event look. You can also go for the monochromatic style, with the black and white combination. If you are going for some traditional function, throw in some junk jewelry to complete the look.

2. Palazzo Crop Top Combo-

If you have a designer palazzo, that looks beautiful and elegant, then you can easily pair it with a crop top. This is a great indo-western outfit, wearing which you can go for a casual day out. The style is effortless and very chic.

3. Formal Palazzo Look-

If you want to add that formal twist to your palazzos, then go for a solid color. Tuck in your blouse and then add a belt to complete the look. Do not wear junk jewellery with this, instead go for studs and pendants. Choose the color of the palazzos wisely, wear a color that is subtle and elegant.

4. Palazzo Tank Top Combo-

If you are comfortable wearing tank tops, then palazzos can be paired with that. Go for a top with solid color and wear pants that are printed. You can wear layered necklace to decorate your top half. Keep your hair open and apply light makeup to complete the look.

5. Palazzo t-Shirt Combo-

If you are going out for a casual day and do not wish to dress a lot, then pairing a printed t-shirt with palazzo can be a great option for you. You can wear a fitted t-shirt with a super fitted palazzo and light make-up. Do not go overboard with the jewelry, a small stud would complete your look

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