How To Care For Your Goldendoodle
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3 Ways To Care For Your Crazy But Loveable Goldendoodle

Taking care of a spoiled Goldendoodle is a lot of work, but worth it.

3 Ways To Care For Your Crazy But Loveable Goldendoodle
Karleigh Byrne

For about two years now, I have had a Goldendoodle named Cooper. He was adopted from Heartland Goldendoodles in Indiana and is the runt from his liter. At first, he was a sleepy little puppy who did nothing but sleep and be cute. Then, a month later, I had a demon puppy. He ate everything, chewed on the drywall, pulled up the carpet, bit people, and attacked other dogs. I mean, this dog was evil. I knew what needed to be done. I needed to make this bad boy and a good boy. After taking several classes of training, I learned some tips and tricks on how to make the gold shine in a Goldendoodle.

Get the dang Dood a toy

Not a cute unicorn plush toy. A toy that your dog can gnaw on and tear up. Usually, a big bone does the trick or even a tennis ball that fits the size of your dood's mouth. What I've learned is that stuffed toys with a squeaker inside of the toy are just what your Dood wants. They think those kind of toys are actual animals and the squeaker is their heart. Goldendoodles love to rip out the heart of those toys. They also like to get out all the stuffing, or the guts, of the toy and make a mess of them.

Get the Doodle a bone. I repeat, a bone.

Make sure you have a booper on standby 

I am sure you have heard or seen videos of dogs and their owners tapping their dog's nose with their finger while saying the word "BOOP." They are the cutest videos on the internet. But, there is a deep, dark side of the word "BOOP." This word can also mean straightening out your Doodle. In other words, get a booper, or something to tap your dog's nose with when he or she acts out. No, not a baseball bat or a stick. Something soft and light, like a paper towel roll with only a few sheets left on it. This is not me telling you to abuse your dog. Whenever your dood acts out, simply get your booper and tap your Dood's nose. This will make the dogs feel uncomfortable and embarrassed, discouraging the dog from acting out.

Love your Dood endlessly

Even when your buddy acts out or chews up your favorite pair of shoes, don't make your Dood feel unloved or hated. It's just a Dood move. They love to be a dog and be a mess of a furball. Until they know what is wrong from right, your Dood will keep messing up everything of yours because they do not know that it bad. Let your pup know that you care about them and that you are always going to be their home. Your Dood loves you, a lot. They don't mean to be a stupid Dood.

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