7 Ways To Save Up For You Dream Vacation On A College Budget
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7 Ways To Start Saving Up For You Dream Vacation, Even On A College Budget

Are you waiting to graduate so that you can afford that long awaited trip? What if you can do that on your next college break?

7 Ways To Start Saving Up For You Dream Vacation, Even On A College Budget

I have always loved traveling.

Before college, all the trips I took were mostly with my family and I was fortunate that my family was well-traveled. That's where I picked up the knack for traveling but once I came to college in the United States, traveling to exciting and exotic destinations became a distant dream.

The options were reduced to small hiking trips, fraternity networking trips to nearby cities, and spring break to Florida.

While there are many options to scratch your traveling itch in college, not all of them are very accessible to many students. Study abroad is a great option but without scholarships, they can be very expensive.

They can span anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months and rack up a lot in travel, living, and tuition costs.

College is a time to shape our thoughts, perspective, and worldview. Traveling during this formative time can make you into a more well-rounded individual.

Within my first two years in college, I had traveled to quite a few states across America but small trips across the country were no longer doing it for my hunger for exploring new places, culture, and food.

I needed the means to travel to my dream destinations while on a college budget!

We all know our student jobs pay peanuts! With a few well-balanced lifestyle changes, I was able to fit in at least one big trip abroad every year which included affordable places like Bali and more expensive cities like London.

In the end, it is all about planning out your spending and researching on bagging the best deals that can get you the vacation of your lifetime while in college.

So here are step-by-step 7 ways you can also save up for traveling to your dream destinations in college.

Good luck and safe travels!

1. Create a savings account.


As we have established before, college jobs don't pay enough. One way I was able to make most out of my paycheck was by creating a savings account.

Break down what your expenses are and where your income goes. After you have covered your basic essentials, save 60% of your disposable income in a separate savings account and forget about it.

Those funds will be safe from any impulse purchases or a spree on a drunken night out. Think of it as your virtual piggy bank.

2. Save on grocery shopping.


I can't stress this enough, it's all about psychology. I cannot count the times, I have spent way too much on groceries when I went to Walmart after having done three classes and not eating a single thing the whole day.

I have filled up my cart with unhealthy food and spent hundreds.

On the contrary, I have spent way less and made no impulse buys when I stuck to a strict list of things and went shopping after having something to eat.

This way, you eat healthier and save a lot.

3. Plan your travels WAY ahead of time.


The early bird definitely gets the worm. Decide what you want to explore and where you want to go next. Once you have figured out the dates, buy your tickets.

The rest can be planned out later. You will save a pretty penny by buying your tickets way ahead of time.

Airline companies use different algorithms to price tickets. Tickets are much pricier on weekends, peak season, and the closer you buy to the date of departure. Avoid these traps to get great deals.

4. Buy tickets for off-peak season.


Do your research. We all want to go to tropical destinations when it's too cold during winters or summers in Switzerland. However, with some digging, you can find places to visit that are great over off-peak seasons.

Bali and Thailand are just as nice in summer as in winter with beautiful temperate climates most of the year.

You can score some great deals on tickets and hotels during summer/fall break depending on what country you choose.

5. Try alternative accommodations.


Airbnb is all the rave in the travel industry for young travelers. They have taken the hotel industry by storm. But Airbnb sounds like humble rooms and minimal amenities.

Far from the luxury, you crave for your dream travels.

But, in destinations like Bali, St. Lucia, and many other locations, you can get a whole villa to yourself for the price of a mid-range hotel room. Small concept hotels, boutique hotels, and local resorts are driving the competition in the hospitality industry and you can benefit from it.

6. Save on nights out.


We want to save money but hey we are in college right! We want to have fun too. You don't even have to hear it from me, one tried and tested way to save money on night outs is to pregame!

Split costs with friends and pregame at home before going out to bars or clubs where drinks cost way more.

7. Do date nights in.

modern family movie night GIF Giphy

If you're like me, I like to split the check on dates. But that can get expensive if you are a woman/man on a mission to save money. Do cute date nights in.

Hone your cooking skills together and make something new. You save money and it is romantic.

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