6 Easy Ways To Put A Smile On Her Face
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6 Easy Ways To Put A Smile On Her Face

It will make her day.

6 Easy Ways To Put A Smile On Her Face

There are many things you can do to make your woman smile. Things that she will remember and will look forward to in the future. Maybe breakfast in bed, or buy her something she has had her eye on. Whatever it is, be sure to keep her smiling!

1. Surprise her with breakfast!

If you’re able to ninja your way out of bed and make it to the kitchen, try to fix her up her favorite breakfast dish. Or, if you leave for work before she gets up and you are able to make it home while she is still getting ready for work, pick up some breakfast for her to get her started for the day. I know that this will put a smile on her face.

2. Remind her she is beautiful.

Tell your woman she is beautiful because she really is. Regardless of what time of day it is, if she is wearing make-up or not or even if she comes out looking like the Crypt Keeper, let her know that she is still gorgeous. Yes, makeup is great to put on to show how beautiful she can be, but was she brought into this world with make-up on? Absolutely not! So behind that mask she may wear is pure beauty. Remind her she is still pretty. This will put a smile on her face, even if she looks at you and says “shucks." She will smile.

3. Take her to her favorite place.

Your woman has to eat! Make sure you take her to her favorite spot or to a place that she keeps reminding you that she would love you to take her there. Even if you do not like certain types of food that she may like, trust me it will put a smile on her face!

4. Buy her something!

Don’t be cheap! Buy your woman a gift that comes from your heart. Even if it's chocolates or flowers, I know these may seem like a common gift to give, but it still is a gift and you did go out of your way to get them for her. Unless the store was on the way home, then you didn’t go out of your way. Clothes and jewelry can be good too. Depending on the seasons, buying a scented candle always does the trick. She will be smiling from ear to ear.

5. Take her out of the house!

Try to find places to go whether it is on a long trip to a different state or to the beach that maybe just a thirty-minute drive. This will take both of you, somewhat, out of your comfort zones. She will be all smiles after this journey.

6. Give her a massage.

When it has been a long day for her and you know that she is tired, tell her to sit or lie down on her stomach and go grab the lotion. Don’t tell her what you are about to do just tell her to close her eyes and relax. Slap that lotion on your hands and begin to massage her temples. Massage her shoulders and try, yes TRY to give her a deep tissue massage. Trust me, this hurts the hands but sometimes you fight your way through it just to see her smile.

Concentrate a lot on the lower back and stay there for a good amount of time. Oh, and let’s not forget the feet. Make sure you get everything from the calf down to the soles of her feet. By this time she should be tired and ready for bed. Congratulations! You kept a smile on her face.

By doing some of these gestures, your woman will stay happy and appreciate the fact that you care for her. These don't have to be done all in one day, spread them out and keep her on her toes. A smiling woman is a happy woman!

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