How to Properly Use a Flag Pole Spinner
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How to Properly Use a Flag Pole Spinner

In this piece, we will look at the spinner system and correctly put it together so that you no longer have to worry about tangled flags.

Flag Pole Spinner
How to Properly Use a Flag Pole Spinner

Flag pole spinners are not new to the world flag flying; they’ve been around a long time. Like most things, though, they have evolved as time has gone by.

While it’s not completely necessary to employ the spinner system to your flag, it is an accessory that will keep your flag from tangling, saving you the hassle of pulling it down to reset and keeping it visible in all of its glory at all times.

In this piece, we will look at the spinner system and correctly put it together so that you no longer have to worry about tangled flags.

What is a Flag Pole Spinner?

To properly employ a flag pole spinner, you first have to know how it works.

A flag pole spinner is an accessory for your flag that allows it to move freely around the pole in the wind. It keeps the flag taught yet allows 360-degree rotation as the wind changes directions to prevent the flag from tangling upon itself.

It also helps prevent rust from staining your flag as it creates separation from the flag pole itself, so it can improve the longevity of your banner, which is always a good thing.

While it’s unnecessary to fly your flag, it’s highly recommended for the best look and practicality.

Step 1: Attach the Spinners to the Flag Pole

Spinners slide on the pole pretty easily. However, you’ll want to ensure that you have them on, so the tabs to which you’ll eventually connect the flag are facing each other vertically.

It can help to measure the width of your flag and mark this on the flag pole for the best fit right off the bat. They are easily adjusted later, but it will give you an approximate starting point.

Next, you’ll located the set screws on each of the spinners and screw them down tight so that they will not slide or move. Spinners are fit with bearings that allow the flag to rotate freely, so you don’t have to worry about setting the screws too tight.

Step 2: Connect the Flag

Each spinner also comes with asnap-onn connector in which you’ll connect your flag to. From here take these snaps and clip them to the grommets on your flag.

If your flag is too tight or too loose, take the time to loosen the set screws and adjust to the proper distance and then retighten. If it’s too loose it will not look or fly correctly, and if it’s too tight it will be an eyesore as well.

Once this step is complete, you’ll want to hold the flag out horizontally and check the look and also rotate the pole to make sure the spinners are operating in the manner that should be. This part is a quick and easy way to save you time from having to pull everything down and reset if they are not working right.

Step 3: Install the Flag and Watch it Fly

The final step in the process is the easiest and most fun! Once installed and ready to be put up, you simply put the flag pole into its holder and lock it in.

Then you (and all of your neighbors) can take a look at the star-spangled banner in all of it glory waving effortlessly in the wind.

Leave it Up or Take it Down?

Flag pole spinners are designed to protect your flag from tangling and getting damaged in the winds, but sometimes you’ll need to take it down to prevent losing it or worse.

While the spinners will work in some pretty high winds, it’s recommended to properly take down the flag when things might get nasty.

If you are expecting a heavy storm or experiencing high winds you might want to consider popping the flag off and putting it somewhere safe.

With the easy clip-on snaps, taking down the flag and properly folding it up is a simple task that will prevent a lot of heart break should the worst happen.


Flag pole spinners are a really easy and effective way to keep your flag flying at its best at all times. There is nothing more frustrating than untangling a flag multiple times per day when the winds are swirling. Try a set on your flag, you won’t regret it.

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