How To Become A Vision Board Pro So You Can Make Your Dreams Come True
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How To Become A Vision Board Pro So You Can Make Your Dreams Come True

Crushing your goals one collage at a time.

Vision Board
Ashley Keane

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the thought of the future? Have you ever just wanted to find a way to relax? There are constantly things happening that seem unattainable or out of reach. Sometimes you just need to take a step back to reevaluate your goals in life. One great way to focus and center yourself is to create a vision board.

I am going to give you the process of how I have made my vision boards, but feel free to get as creative as you want with it. There is no wrong way to make one since it is all personal. This will be a great way to look at your upcoming goals for the year, and I hope you enjoy making one!

1. Make a physical list of some of your most important goals. 


These will all be dependent on your personal values and what you find important in your life. It can range from succeeding in school, strengthening relationships with others, practicing more self-love, traveling more often, or anything else you could possibly think of for yourself. It is best to write them down to be able to look at, but you do not have to stick to that list.

2. Gather all the materials to make the board. 


It is best to find as many magazines as possible from a variety of sources. The more you have in your collection, the more options you will have to make your board unique and interesting. Some other items you will need are scissors, tape, a glue stick, construction paper, cardboard, and any other decorations you feel like adding for a personal touch.

3. Start going through the magazines to see what might be useful. 


Look at every single page with an open mind. Find words or pictures that stick out to you. Keep in mind things that apply to your goal list that you made. Go through each and every magazine because you never know what you may find.

4. Cut out anything you find important (and even some random things too).


Take your scissors and just start cutting anything and everything. Cut out words or phrases that seem to relate to you or inspire you. It is better to have too many things on your board than to have tons of tacky empty spaces.

5. Add aesthetic pictures from the magazines to add some extra flare. 


Find some flowers, fashion models, pictures of food, or literally anything you feel like. If you find something you like, go ahead and add it. You could always put some words over the pictures as well which will just enhance your board.

6. Decide how big you want your final board to be. 


This will depend on how many things you have cut out so far. I recommend using cardboard as your canvas because it tends to be stronger which will help your board last longer. I just cut part of a box up to find a size big enough for what I wanted. You could always just use a piece of paper or poster board as well; it is all up to you!

7. Place any background materials onto your board first. 


Since I used cardboard, I decided to place pieces of construction paper on top of it to make the background look nicer. It makes it look cleaner and decorative. You can do with it however you feel like.

8. Start arranging all your cut pieces on the actual board. 


There are two ways you could approach this task. One way is to just start gluing or taping as you go along placing things. That is a good method if you naturally have good spacial skills and can visualize where things can go. If that does not seem like you, I recommend placing everything on the board and then gluing it down at the end.

9. Add any last details to bring it altogether. 


Bring out all your favorite stickers and colored pencils. Add a washi tape border around the outside. Outline some of your pictures. Throw some glitter all over the place. Make it whatever you want because this is something you should be proud of.

10. Hang your finished product somewhere you will actually see it every day. 


Since you spent some quality time putting it together, you might as well spend some time to actually admire your work. Just looking at it in your room can inspire you each time. Read one word or all of them; there is no definite way to appreciate it.

Even if you feel your goals are too difficult, it most likely will not hurt you to try. Share your creation with others because you never know who you could inspire.

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