No one goes into the new year thinking, "wow, I really hope I pick up some bad habits and don't progress forward in life at all". Instead, we all begin the new year with big plans and proclamations on how we think we are going to make a better version of ourselves with joy and ease. However, it's hard. It is difficult to break old habits that have been with you for a lifetime. It's hard to add on things to your busy schedule. It's tough to wake up at 5 am. so you can make it to the gym and class on time. But it is possible. From my years of resolutions, I have beaten or that have beaten me, I have collected some tips on how to keep a new year's resolution.

1. Tell your friends

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Brag about it. Brag about the great person you are going to become and how. Share with your friends your goals, aspirations, and motivations. If you tell the right friend, they will definitely care about you bettering yourself. It's easy to skip a day of effort when no one else is watching. However, if you give up, it's harder to take a hit like that to your ego then to put in the effort to work towards your goal.

2. Find a partner

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Most people go into their new year's resolution with someone making the same goal. That's a mistake. If you only have each other to rely on, odds are, one of you will find a way to get out of it and then you're all alone. Choose someone who already loves the goal you want to reach. For example, if you want to become more fit, choose a friend who is super into fitness. They will be excited to share their hobby with you, help you reach your goal and have a friend who shares the same interest. It'll turn that drag of a run in the morning to a bonding experience with you and a friend.

3. Remember why you are doing it

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The biggest thing is to stay motivated, independently. My new year's resolution last year was to eat healthier because it made me feel better. Therefore, when I'd go for the bowl of chips or cookies at the party, I'd stop and remind myself of how much energy I was having with all the fruit I was eating or how my acne was clearing up. Reminding yourself of why you're making this sacrifice makes it easier. If you can stick with it to the point where you see the results, it's hard to quit.

My last thought I want to leave you with today is that a new year isn't the only time to start again. One of my favorite quotes is, "each morning, we are born again. What we do today is what matters most"- Buddha. What this quote means to me is that there is no reason to let ourselves feel stuck in a bad place because we are waiting for something bigger than us to happen. It's empowering to think that the power inside of you is given back every morning. It's amazing to think that we have a chance each day to completely change our lives. So, I hope you keep your resolutions, but if not, don't wait a year to be a better you.