How To Increase Your Shares On Social Media
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How To Increase Your Shares On Social Media

Social Media Sharing At It's Finest

How To Increase Your Shares On Social Media

I always wondered how people could attain Facebook shares to hit the thousands mark for videos and articles. This all hit me relatively quickly when I signed on as a writer for Odyssey, though it came as a surprise.

My first article, Why Multicultural Greeks Stand Out was what I consider an "over-night sensation." In less than 24 hours, it had accumulated 300+ shares. After seven days, the article has been shared 2,869 times–the most EWU has seen. I was blown away to say the least. It was a very humbling experience to know that that many people shared it, let alone how many read it.

My second article, The Other Greeks On Campus has not experienced such numbers. Only 48 shared have been registered. The numbers for this article are the numbers I expected for my first. However, I did not expect to have as great success as the first time around.

Enough about me. Time to tell you how you can get as many likes for videos, statuses and articles (if you're a writer) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit or Pinterest.

Broad Topic:

A broad topic will reel more people into your article. Take a fishing net as an analogy. The wider the net, the more fish you can catch. The same can be said about an article. My second article was specific to Greeks at Eastern Washington University, whereas my first article was a brief overview of multicultural greeks. See the difference?

Prime Time:

The timing of releasing your article is also important. Consider who will be online when you post to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Pinterest. I, unfortunately, posted my second article at midnight. Clearly none of my friends that would proactively hit "share" are on that late.


I think this is fairly self-explanatory? Make sure you write about things that your followers are interested in.

Easily Read:

Make it easy, short, and sweet. No one wants a fun read to be painful.


Make sure you hashtag the hell out of whatever you want to be seen! The more hashtags you add, the more relevant it'll be when searching for words similar to your hashtag.

There are many other tips, but this is what helped me! Hope these tips help you in mastering the art of sharing as a social media user.

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