Sleep is important. The quality and the quantity of your sleep is much important. However how much sleep do we actually get is the real question here. Do we typically get a 8-9 hour sleep which is recommended? Or do we often try to stay awake and active with a four hour sleep? To know how to sleep is one thing but t stay asleep with no problem is another thing. The effects of not sleeping well are real and are probably some things you already struggle with. So ditch the three cups of caffeine you would use to stay awake. Instead try these ten methods to not only get better quality sleep but also to get a fresh new start on everyday.

1. Have a mug of vanilla milk before going to bed.

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2. Exercise 30 minutes per day.

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3. Drink lavender tea.

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4. Avoid foods that are high in fats and carbs before bed.

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5. Take a bath or shower before bed.

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6. Have and maintain a calm environment.

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7. Read a book.

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8. Have a bedtime routine.

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9. Free hand journal or structure journaling

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10. Reduce the use of electronics near bedtime.

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