Life is hard and busy, but we should be setting aside time each day for our savior, Jesus Christ. Establishing a routine for your quiet time helps to form a habit and as a result, growth in your relationship with God. Below are a few tips that I have found helpful when forming a routine to study the word of God.

1. Pick a Time

This sounds obvious, but pick a time that is best for you. Whether the time is morning, afternoon, or night, it's all up to you! There is no right or wrong time to read the Bible!

2. Find a Space You Can Focus in

Just like writers have a specific place where they find the best ideas come to them, there is also a space that you can dig deep into the Bible. This is different for everyone but could be outdoors, at your desk, on your couch, etc. It is wherever you feel the most comfortable, yet focused.

3. Pray

Again this may seem obvious, but I find when I find myself unmotivated to read my Bible or going through the motions, stopping where I'm at and talking to my savior helps right away! Ask God to fill you with His presence and to guide your reading. God is a faithful savior and will always be there to listen to you.

4. Have a Plan

I've found that when I wake up and have no idea what I'll read from the Bible that day I am more likely to skip the reading for that day. While some days I can be spontaneous, I like to have a plan to guide me through my quiet time. I especially recommend this for those just starting out as it is more manageable and less intimidating. The Bible app by YouVersion has some great, free plans and is on both Apple devices and Android devices!

5. Journal

I am firm believer that everyone should journal in general, but journaling about your quiet time is so beneficial. It helps me to get the key points out of the reading for that day, answer questions about my relationship with God, and is a place for me to be creative in honor of my God. It also is really cool to look back on and see what you were studying at a certain point of your life.

6. Have an Accountability Partner

While you can of course keep your quiet time to yourself, I have found that having an accountability partner helps to keep me motivated and pushing forward towards the ultimate goal (Philippians 3:10-16). It is also super fun to share what you have learned in your quiet time with a friend! Sharing our struggles and things God reveals to us is a way to help each other grow in faith and is so satisfying!