11 Ways To Fix A Migraine
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11 Ways To Fix A Migraine

From someone with years of experience!

11 Ways To Fix A Migraine

Currently, I'm two weeks into the longest migraine I've ever had, and it's a nightmare, but I did learn a lot of things that are supposed to stop them, so here's my list of everything that I've found helps.

Turn your screens to night mode

The blue light from screens can be so hard on the eyes, so, turning them to night mode, where they use more red light, really fixes the problem of not being able to look at a screen at all.

Get bergamot essential oil

For $15, this oil has saved me so much pain. I put in my diffuser, my room smells like oranges, and the pain is cut in half.

Drink lots of water

Migraines can be caused by dehydration, so they're much less likely to go away if you're dehydrated.

Eat lots of vegetables

If you're anything like me, the healthier you eat, the faster the migraine goes away. If you can all veggies for a day, I definitely recommend trying it.

Avoid all dairy

This one is hard, but avoiding milk, cheese, and chocolate usually stops my migraines from lasting too long.

Don't drink

Red wine is known to trigger migraines, and other alcohol just leads to the dehydration that you don't want when you're fighting off a terrible headache.

Do some cardio

If you can stand to move around, then getting your blood pumping can substantially lower the pain of a migraine. I'm not sure why, but it's been one of my biggest reliefs over these past two weeks.

Avoid processed foods

We weren't made to eat processed foods, so these are triggers for plenty of people, and you should avoid triggers while you're having a migraine.

Get a massage

Lots of massages may help you. Some people (me) swear by temple massages, while others say they do nothing. Neck, back, and even jaw massages can help reduce tightness that may be contributing to your migraine.

Stay in the dark and quiet

The first thing to do when you get a migraine is to go into a dark, quiet room. These are


Sometimes sleep is all you need, and, once you wake up, the migraine is over!

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