Freshman year of college I gained more than the "Freshman 15." I gained around 25 pounds and watched my body for lack of better terms turn into a blob. By the end of freshman year, I was at my heaviest weight and was extremely unhappy with my body. Over the summer, I changed my eating habits and knew going into sophomore year I couldn't let go of all the hard work I put it during the summer. In college, there are temptations to order a pizza with your girlfriends or eat greasy mozzarella sticks when you're drunk. Although these are all find in moderation, it can not be apart of your everyday diet if you want to make a serious change. Eating healthy in college is a challenge, but if you put your mind to it and learn to turn down options you know aren't healthy they will all start to add up.

Keeping Healthy Snacks In Your Backpack

Keeping a healthy snack in your backpack is a great idea for when you're in-between classes and get hungry. This way, when you are able to eat a full meal you don't eat everything in sight and make unhealthy choices.

Vary Your Meals

I am sure everyone has heard "eating healthy consists of eating chicken, broccoli, and brown rice for dinner every night." Well, this is the furthest from the truth and in fact will make you want to eat healthy less. In order to stick to eating healthy you need to vary your meals so you aren't eating the same thing everyday. Switch up your protein, carbs, vegetables, and fats a few times a week!

Limit Sugary Beverages 

Sorry, but that large iced caramel swirl extra extra coffee from Dunkin Dounts every morning is not a healthy choice. Instead, try black coffee or maybe half a pump of a caramel swirl.

Limit Junk Food

I know it can be tough if you are not surrounded by everyone who has the same intention of eating healthy. Trust me. But in order to get on the right path you need to make it a habit. You can limit junk food by making a cheat meal once a week and trying to eat as clean as possible during the week and to not order out.

Learn Portion Control 

Eating two plates of pasta may not be the best choice. Try half a plate a pasta and a big salad. The salad adds volume and will fill you up!


As a college student, I know eating breakfast may not be the most ideal, especially since half the time we wake up at 11am. BUT, even if you can have a healthy smoothie or an omelet before class this will make sure once again when you can eat a meal you don't splurge and eat everything. Eating breakfast really does set the tone for the day (and no, coffee isn't breakfast.)

Drink More Water

This seems simple, but more than likely you are not drinking enough water. Drinking more water can actually fill you up. So, if you feel like eating something unhealthy, try water!

Limit Alchohol Intake

I know partying to some is a huge part of college, but your 7 vodka crans will start to add up. Mixed drinks are FULL of sugar, carbs, and calories. Enjoy yourself and have a good time while still limiting yourself :)