6 Ways To Book Your Dream Vacation That Won't Break The Bank

6 Ways To Book Your Dream Vacation That Won't Break The Bank

Helpful tips to help you save money all while exploring the world.

Everyone has some sort of desire to travel and explore the world. Especially when you're in college, and young and want to experience new places. But traveling has a big, hefty price tag that comes along with it. So, how can you travel the world while spending the least amount of money?

1. Download the Hopper app.

The application Hopper lets you pick dates that you want to travel to by airplane. Once you pick your dates and the location you want to travel, the app will alert you when the best deals to buy your plane tickets are. It is quite amazing and a great money saver.

2. Staying in an Airbnb

Airbnb is also an application that lets you find very unique and fun places to stay at very reasonable prices while traveling. Almost 99% of the time, it will be much nicer than staying in a hotel and 100% cooler. Airbnb is available all over the world and lets you live like a local.

3. Hostels

Hostels are a great place to stay for very inexpensive. Normally, you can get a hostel for around $8-$12 a night. I am not even kidding. The setup of a hostel is almost like staying at an overnight camp, there are many bunk beds in one room and you are staying with other travelers. If you are uncomfortable to share a room with a stranger, you can pay extra to have a private room. Most hostels will offer free breakfast or lunch as well while you stay there.

4. Google Flights

Similar to the app Hopper, Google Flights will show you the cheapest days to fly to certain places. Not only will it do that, but it will also show you the cheapest places to travel from the airport closest to you. Google Flights will also tell you the airlines that are offering flights for the cheapest so you can save your money!

5. Pack Lightly

This is something that I struggle with all the time, but I have learned that you don't need to bring every article of clothing that you own with you on vacation. Not only will this give you a lighter load, but it will save you anywhere between $50- $100 to check your luggage instead of carrying it on the plane with you. Another way to save space in your suitcase is to wear your heaviest clothes on the place (sweaters, jeans, sneakers, etc.), this will save room in your suitcase and keep you warm on the plane

6. Local Excursions

Instead of paying hundreds of dollars to swim with dolphins, or tour a sacred city, take the local way and try to do what the locals do. I promise you, going to amazing beaches and hiking exquisite trails is going to save you so much more money and will enjoy it just as much.

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The 10 Best Things About Rhode Island

Who said RI is not Awesome!

With Rhode Island being such a small state people wonder what is so great about it. There are so many attractions that lead people to "Little Rhody" from the Newport Mansions to the RISD Art Museum. RI's beautiful beaches are also a plus for the locals who live here year round. But what is the best things about Rhode Island? With so many great things to choose from here is what I thought was the best things Rhode Island has to offer.

1. Del's Lemonade

With its numerous flavors and iconic cup imagery Del's is a Rhode Island staple. My personal favorite is mixing watermelon and lemon together!

2. Caserta's Pizzeria

Located on Providence's historic Federal Hill. If you are looking for a good slice of pizza Caserta's is the place to go.

3. Providence

It is basically the smaller version of Boston! No really, and that is where the city gets all its charms from.

4. Scarborough Beach

Forget Newport, this is the prime place to catch some waves. Personally, I think the water is better and Narragansett tends to be a litttle less touristy.

5. PPAC (Providence Performing Arts Center)

When you are too poor to catch a Broadway show so you go see the national tour instead. PPAC has become an awesome venue in recent years with lots of different plays, musicals and dance troupes coming to perform.

6. The Cliff Walk

Preferably after the tourist season because then you can actually walk on it. The Cliff Walk offers some breathtaking views and a little adventure.

7. Waterfire

There are a lot of Waterfire's during the summer and early fall so you can always catch one. Plus, it is free and provides great pictures.

8. Party Pizza

Some make think it is a disgrace to pizza everywhere, but it is still good. Nobody really understands why party pizza exists, but we never question it. Especially, after you stuff five pieces into your mouth.

9. Crook Point Bascule Bridge

It has become somewhat of a local monument for the locals. My friend and I always do a bit of site seeing around here.

10. Allie's Donuts

Home of the Donut Cake! Allie's makes probably the best donuts around here and that is not an understatement.

And there you have it! While, I think these are 10 best things about Rhode Island there is obviously so much more. If anything RI's quirky local eateries, beautiful landscape, as well as up and coming attractions are what make it special. Rhode Island has so many things to offer it is hard to choose. Personally, I think the food is the best, but my New York/New Jersey friends beg to differ.

Cover Image Credit: wwp.greenwichmeantime.com

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Never Underestimate The Influence Of Seeing The World, It's An Education You Can't Get At School

Not only do I think going on vacations or traveling is super fun and exciting, but I think it is very important for our growth.


Traveling always makes me realize how little I know about the world I'm living in each day. It brings out a new curiosity in me that makes me want to see every end of the earth before I leave this planet someday. There is so much to see and I want to see it. There are places here in this world that I could never even imagine to exist, but they do!

Traveling can really make dreams come true — who wouldn't want to experience the moment when you're in pure awe because you see such a beautiful place that is so new to the eye.

Exploring the world is so important because you can step into someone's life and culture. You can get a better understanding of the different people around the world. People celebrate life in so many interesting and different ways than yourself.

I think it is very important to recognize people's varying ways of life because, in the end, it will only connect us as humans more.

Try some new foods and try to master a few words in another language. Journeying to amazing destinations around the world is literally food for thought. It is an education you can't get and learn in school.

Seeing the world will give you the ability to have so many wild adventures (my favorite). Maybe you get into a situation you did not plan on happening, but you get the chance to experience and explore. You will have stories to pass on to your friends or even your children and grandchildren for a long long time.

You might also meet some new friends along the way — take the time to learn their life stories. Make new connections.

Do not be scared to ask for guidance.

Seeing the world will give you a new perspective and a new outlook on life. It may help you to appreciate more of what you have and the opportunities you have. Step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to view things differently.

So if you ever get the opportunity to travel or see the world, take it. "I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list."

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