How To Beat COVID-19 Boredom
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How To Beat COVID-19 Boredom

Hear me out!

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Activities have been scarce throughout these difficult times. Some of us are out busy working, others are doing online classes, and many are home inside unable to find what to do. Most things have run their course for our undivided attention.

Amid all of this peculiar time we are facing indoors, there is an unlimited amount of activities/hobbies to attempt. For you, the reader, I will construct ways to pass the time or, at the very least, give you suggestions to formulate your own ways to pass the time from some of my favorite things on the planet and ways I have passed the time after work hours/on weekends.

Book Suggestions

The Post Office – Charles Bukowski (transgressive fiction/comedy)

The Shining – Stephen King (horror/also a movie)

1984 – George Orwell (fiction)

The Rum Diaries – Hunter S. Thompson (gonzo/also a movie)

Diana: Her True Story in Her Own Words (biography/also a documentary) – Andrew Morton

The Revenant – Michael Punke (*historical fiction*/biography/also a movie)

The Sun Also Rises – Ernest Hemingway (fiction/also a movie)


James Brown – key tracks: Woman, Give Me Some Skin, The Payback Pt.1, King Heroin, Funky Drummer, and Papa's Got a Brand-New BagPt.1.

The Beatles – key tracks: This Boy, Because, I've Got a Feeling, Don't Let Me Down, Dear Prudence, A Taste of Honey, and Kansas City (Hey Hey Hey!).

Goodie Mob – key tracks: Cell Therapy, Soul Food, Sesame Street, and Beautiful Skin

Otis Redding – key tracks: I've Been Loving You Too Long, Sitting on the Dock of the Bay, For Your Precious Love, and Cigarettes and Coffee.

Led Zeppelin – key tracks: Hey Hey What Can I Do, Bron-Yur-Stomp, Gallows' Pole, Since I've Been Loving You, You Really Shook Me, Black Country Woman, and Boogie with Stu.

A Tribe Called Quest – key tracks: Keep it Movin', Verses of the Abstract, Can I Kick It?, Electric Relaxation, Award Tour, Butter, Rap Promoter, Check the Rhime, and Jazz (We've Got).

Netflix/Hulu/Disney +/Prime

The Simpsons *30 PLUS SEASONS* - Disney +

Archer – HULU

The Great British Baking Show – Netflix

The Legend of Cocaine Island – Netflix

The Family – Netflix

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia – HULU

Curb Your Enthusiasm – Prime (HBO Subscription)

Fleabag – Prime *by far the best show I have seen in a while*


Ted Radio Hour (NPR)

The Joe Rogan Experience

The Ask Women Podcast

The Art of Manliness


LORE (horror)


Set up different red solo cups. Obtain a putter (from friend/parent/neighbor) and practice putting into the cup.

Walk around the block. Then the next block. Choose a different route than you normally would then try to see if you can alternate the routes. Once you have built up the route, add onto it each day and try to walk to your favorite spot near your neighborhood at a great distance.

Exercise. Do pushups, do sit-ups, stretch frequently, do yoga.

Draw. Take paper, pencils, crayons, or paints. Paint outside, try to paint yourself, paint your pet. Paint cereal boxes or canned goods in the cupboard. Draw the mug you have your coffee within the mourning. Draw a scary monster. Draw a superhero. Draw a wintery scene. Use crayons to draw the Egyptian pyramids. Use crayons to draw your accomplishments.

Love yourself more. Take time to map out everything you love about yourself. Then list what you don't love about yourself. After realizing that there are more things you love than hate about yourself, you can start to focus on what you need to improve about yourself. Then in time (and strict discipline), you will eliminate all those things that you thought were negative, turning them positive.

Meditation. Meditate for at least 25 minutes. Even if you don't accomplish, you must practice. It's like a muscle. Each time you will get better. Focus on your breathing. In and out. Slow and deep. Breathe. Focus strictly on your breathing. It will guide you to where you need to go. Be patient. Be disciplined. Be optimistic. Don't get frustrated or discouraged.

Get your finances in order. See what you are spending your money on, what you are wasting your money on. How can you improve or halt? How can you save more money? How can you limit your purchases? Make multiple kitties (money set aside for a specific purpose) for things like clothes.

Watch YouTube videos of TedTalks, cat videos, news fails, vine compilations, workout videos, poetry, inspirational motivation, sports highlights, or drone footage of future possible travel destinations in Ultra K 4HD.

Spend time on the phone. Call your boyfriend or girlfriend. Call a relative, enemy, resource, co-worker, or other members of your life. Tell them how much you love them. Tell them if you hate them. Ask what you can do better as a person. Ask to make plans in the future. Throw ideas around about upcoming projects. Brainstorm. Collaborate.

I hope any of this helps. This is a difficult time we are facing, but there is room for personal growth and to chase your dreams. Take this time to make the most of it. Be the light that shines through the doom and gloom.

Be active and live your life.

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