How To Be Stylish For Spring

How To Be Stylish For Spring

"Get in loser we're going shopping."

With New York Fashion Week you can’t help but feel that your wardrobe is lacking in many ways. No need to fear, I am here with a list outfit ideas to help you transition into Spring.

1. Graphic Tees

You can express your love for a random band you’ve never heard of, you can also dress it up with a blazer for more of a chic look. Most of the time you can easily pair it with jeans, skirts or even shorts.

2. Leggings

Best believe that every girl has over 20 pairs of the same black leggings in their closest. With the coming of Spring, you can also take the chance to style your outfits with different colors.

3. Denim

Demin of all sorts is trendy in any season. Pairing a Graphic Tee with either an oversized denim shirt or jacket with is great for a casual look.

4. Printed Pants

If you’re someone like me I like to dress up my dressy clothes and dress down my dressy clothes as well.

5. Two-piece sets

Saves you money and time when you’re trying to put together an outfit.

6. Sweatpants

No worries, you can still sit with us.

7. Windbreakers

8. Platform sandals

I know you’re thinking. I’m not crazy. For those more into vintage style of dress then good news platforms are making a comeback.

9. Bags, Backpacks, and Totes

Just for those days when your outfit needs a little something extra.

10.Glasses and Sunglasses

Both are essential when seeing fake people clear and when you need to block the haters.

All photos courtesy of Forever21

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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11 Things You Know To Be True If You Have A Big Booty

Yes, I know you like big butts and you cannot lie.

Having a big butt has its ups and its downs. For example, I love being confident in my body and looking great in the clothes I wear, but finding clothes that actually fit is a problem. With everyone trying to look like a Kardashian, big butts are all the rage, but it's not always all that it's cracked up to be!

1. All bathing suit bottoms are cheeky.

I have to get a pair of bottoms two sizes bigger than I have to get a top. Even when I do that, the bottoms still look cheeky. Imagine what actual cheeky bottoms look like. *blushing emoji*

2. Shorts? Also cheeky.

I love a cute pair of short shorts, but no matter the size, they're just going to ride up. I'll be spending most of the time worrying about pulling my shorts down. Why can't I look cute and be comfortable????

3. Trying to squeeze through a tight area is nearly impossible.

Stomachs can be sucked in when it comes to squeezing through. You can't suck in your butt when your trying to get through. Most of the time, it's like a bull in a china shop that takes out everything and everyone in its path.

4. Shopping for jeans is a nightmare.

People complain that my jeans look painted on, but if I got them any bigger, they'd hang off of my waist. If they fit in the butt, they don't fit in the waist. And the fit in the thighs are a whole different story. You can't have it all.

5. When you finally do get that perfect pair of jeans, this happens.

All I have to say is, UGH!!!


Debatably the biggest con to having a big butt. I have to pick out a wedgie at least twelve times a day. The day I can find a pair of underwear or an outfit that doesn't get lost in my cheeks will be the day I can die happily.

7. People automatically assume you can dance.

Some girls with big butts know how to move them. I am not one of those girls. My butt size and my ability to dance are totally unrelated. I may look like I know how to move, but my lack of coordination and rhythm will tell you a different story.

8. Your butt is always used as a pillow.

I've come to terms with the fact that my butt doubles as a comfy lying place for people's heads. I'm glad that I can be of service.

9. Bodycon dresses are a blessing and a curse.

You definitely have the Kardashian look going on in a bodycon dress, which is a major plus. That is, until you try to bend over or lift your arms at all. Then, you give everyone in the room an all access pass to Flashville. Sorry to all the people who have seen parts of me they might not have wanted to when I've dropped my phone.

10. You know every word to songs about big butts.

From "Baby Got Back" to "Fat Bottomed Girls" to "Bootylicious," lyrics about big butts are so relatable. You can catch me rapping/singing every word when one of these songs come on.

11. How you feel knowing big butts are finally the trend...

My whole life, I wanted to be the skinny girl with the perfect body because that's what everyone thought was beautiful. I spent years hating my body, specifically my butt, because I wasn't shaped like the girls in the magazines. Finally, society accepts girls with bodies like mine and I couldn't be happier! But, what I've learned over the years is that all shapes and sizes are beautiful as long as I'm happy with myself.

It's a blessing and a curse (but mostly, a blessing). IF YOU GOT IT, FLAUNT IT!

Cover Image Credit: Jessica Edwards

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21 Clothing Staples Every Well-Prepped College Girl Needs In Her Closet

Get the most out of a few key pieces.


Packing for college can be difficult, especially for those who like clothes. It can be challenging deciding what to bring and try to fit into limited closet and dresser space. There are clothing pieces necessary for the college girl's closet to make sure that the basics are covered and there is room to be versatile.

That way, you can get lots of options out of the least amounts of clothes possible. Here are 21 of these necessary items.

1. White T-shirt

It's a classic piece that can be layered or worn on its own.

2. Chambray shirt

It's one step up from a plaid or checkered blouse, plus it's versatile enough to be dressed up or worn casually.

3. Chunky sweater

It's cute and comfortable for cold days.

4. Flannel

A popular layering item, especially on a college campus.

5. Black leggings

They're comfortable and can be worn year-round.

6. Yoga pants

Great for lounging around your dorm or for throwing on for early morning classes.

7. Black jeans

They're sleek and can be worn with practically anything.

8. Dark wash jeans

Jeans that look great on a casual day at class, a game, or a night out.

9. Dress pants

You'll want these for class presentations or job interviews.

10. Denim jacket

A fashionable choice for the fall.

11. Blazer

It coordinates well with the dress pants.

12. Winter coat

Especially if your campus is in a cold region, this is vital for not freezing on your way to class.

13. Converse

They're arguably the best shoe out there.

14. Ankle boots

Shoes that are stylish and will keep you warm.

15. Black heels

A basic staple that will dress up any outfit.

16. Sneakers

A comfy choice for when you're running at the gym or running late to class.

17. Sturdy backpack

When you're taking classes, this is necessary for carrying your laptop and books.

18. Large purse or tote bag

To be honest, small bags are cute but impractical. A large bag will ensure that everything fits.

19. Stud earrings

Something small and casual for everyday wear.

20. Everyday rings

A basic ring or two to wear everyday looks cute and can be a way to express yourself.

21. Sunglasses

Why squint on your way to class when you can wear this statement piece?

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