How to Be a Basic White Girl in 2017

Being a basic white girl in 2017 is the most attainable fashion trend of our generation. Us millennial basics just know each other too well, catch us all at the club in black thigh high boots and an oversized t-shirt... I blame the Kardashians for this one folks.

I'm usually so against being "basic" but at this rate, we just have to accept the fact that we all dress the same.

If you are team basic white girl then you can relate to the fact that your life just wouldn't be the same without these, so If your basic and proud and own 9/10 of these things then you can sit with us.

1. Juicy Sweatsuits

Bring em out Bring em out, if you are a chick who is loyal to your generation you already have one of these but all thanks to our great leading ladies we can break these bad boys out again for 2017, what a time to be alive.

2. S'well water bottles

If you frequent any Urban Outfitters or major department store you know you can find one of these, and I really don't care what the haters say these are amazing.

3. Chokers

Honestly, where would we be without chokers, if you don't own at least 10 black chokers are you even white girling?

4. Vans

The trendiest must have shoe for every girl right now are these vans and just about every store is sold out of them...

5. Ripped boyfriend jeans

I guess we can kind of blame the Kardashians for making this a thing, but just about every girl you know is rocking these right now, probably with their vans...

6. Adidas hats

Adidas is literally taking over the world as we know it. From hats to leggings and jackets you 100 percent own something Adidas and you definitely got it at Urban Outfitters or PacSun duh...

7. Contour palettes

Basically, if you don't own the Kat Von D contour kit your not even a real girl these days. Don;t even get us started on highlighters...

8. Thigh high boots

A trend that will truly never die until the Kardashians stop wearing them. A statement piece to our wardrobe that we pair with anything from denim shorts to oversized t-shirts, I cant picture my life without them. (wow that was basic af.)

9. A polaroid camera

They're sold at Urban Outfitters so obviously we have to have them. What would a party in 2017 be without taking polaroids with your friends....

10. Band T-shirts (Usually of a band you've never listened to.)

"Oh you listen to Slayer, name three songs."

11. Red Bubble stickers

What would a mac book air be without soriroty letter stickers from Red Bubble?!

12. Wildflower phone cases

Basic white girl trend 101 a cute phone case!!!

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