How To Avoid Getting Arrested On Spring Break

It's so close, its practically almost here!! That's right, spring break! The time of the year college students looks forward to the most. Yes, while it's all about fun and games there's A LOT that could go wrong during spring break! So follow these few steps and you'll be fine and avoid trouble and jail time definitely.

1. Know your ALC limit 

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For real though, KNOW YOUR LIMIT! Being over intoxicated could seriously get you into some trouble, especially when you're completely out of it


I can't stress this one hard enough if you are going to drink and party on spring break make sure that you are in a safe environment, and don't go overboard.

3. Don’t follow in the movie's footsteps…

We all know the movie spring breakers with Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens, and Rachel Korine. These four best friends go on a spring break adventure but end up getting in way over there head with obstacles they would have never even thought about like getting involved with a drug dealer, holding up a burger joint.

4. Street Racing is all fun and games... until someone gets caught

It sounds fun, thrilling and exciting but trust me DON'T do it, bad idea… its just got jail time written all over it!

5. Don’t turn into a stalker

Spring break is the perfect time to go see your favorite artists and bands live and in concert but don't go too crazy and end up doing something that you may just regret later, so hoping on Drakes tour bus is probably not the best thing to do, unless you want to end up with a restraining order

6. Drugs are a major No No


Say no to drugs kids … Just say no

7. Don’t Accept Sugar Daddy applications


I know its so tempting... And being in college is hard enough financially but this is not going to make life any easier. Do you really want that drama?

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