Avengers: Endgame premieres Thursday, April 25th, and there has been so much hype for the movie since Thanos' infamous snap that was felt throughout the universe in Avengers: Infinity War. Along with the hype, there have been a couple of leaks circulating the web and once the movie premieres, there is bound to be a deluge of spoilers to fill every crevasse of the internet. Unfortunately, people like me aren't able to watch the movie until a while after it releases. To save my fellow MCU fanboys/girls, here are 3 methods you can adopt to avoid learning about anything that happens in Endgame before you get to watch.

1. Enter the Quantum Realm

If you're really afraid of getting the upcoming Avengers movie, you can always pull an Ant-Man and shrink down so small you enter the quantum realm. Once you shrink down that small, you can just chill in the quantum realm until the hype passes over. If you can't quite figure out how to get into the quantum realm, don't worry because you can also just slap on a ankle monitor like Scott Lang and stay inside the house for a couple days.

2. Stay Frozen in Ice For a While

The second tactic you can employ is freezing yourself for a quick 70 years until everyone forgets about Endgame. If you're worried about never getting taken out the ice, I'm sure that climate change will melt all of the ice in the poles soon anyways.

3. Get Stuck in a Time Loop

Although it may be difficult, I'm sure you could get your hands on the time stone. If you do somehow acquire the green infinity stone, after watching Dr. Strange a couple times I bet you could figure out how to get yourself stuck in a time loop. Yeah, it might get repetitive, but anything is better than getting the final Avengers film spoiled.

I hope that these three methods aid you in your attempts at keeping all of Avengers: Endgame's events secret until you get the chance to watch it.

Please do not attempt any of these methods as they may result in serious injury or death.