10 Things You Can Definitely Identify With If You're A Shoe Addict
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10 Things You Can Definitely Identify With If You're A Shoe Addict

They know they can count on you to send them in the right direction, and you get to scratch your shoe itch while you're at it.

10 Things You Can Definitely Identify With If You're A Shoe Addict
Kayla McGuff

Are you a shoe fanatic? Do your friends and family sometimes express concern over the unnecessary amount of shoes that you own? If so, you are not alone in this world. I am a lover of shoes and I'm here to explain all of the struggles that we shoe-aholics have to endure.

1. You are constantly running out of space.

Your closet probably has more shoes in it than it does clothes, and the closet is still not enough space. In a perfect world, you could have an entire room just for your precious shoes.

2. You buy outfits to go with specific pairs of shoes.

You know, the shoes that you impulse bought that do not go with anything in your wardrobe?

3. Your friends know better than to let you go into a shoe store alone.

If I don't have someone there to stop me, there is no telling how much damage my bank account could receive.

4. But, your friends also always come to you to help them pick out shoes for themselves.

They know they can count on you to send them in the right direction, and you get to scratch your shoe itch while you're at it.

5. You have a pair of shoes for every occasion.

Raining outside? You have appropriate footwear. Going for a run? You've got it covered. Going to a red carpet event? You already know exactly which ones you want to wear.

6. Working in a shoe store could be dangerous for you.

I worked in a shoe store for one summer, and I never even had the chance to cash my paycheck because I would spend it on shoes as soon as I got paid. When you're surrounded by shoes all day every day you can't help but to come up with a shopping list for pay-day.

7. You might be embarrassed to count how many pairs you own.

I counted up to 65 at one point. Then I consigned half of them because I felt ridiculous. Then I bought more shoes to comfort myself.

8. You subconsciously judge people based on their footwear.

This is something I am extremely guilty of. The first thing I look at when I meet a new person is their shoes.

9. You try to find shoes for yourself that are unique.

Because you spend most of your free time looking at other peoples' shoes, you know exactly which shoes are the most popular to each stereotypical group of people. Every basic girl wears strappy wedges to graduation, so guess which shoe you veto first?

10. You are the best at finding good deals on shoes.

Let's be real, every spam email you get is from a shoe store and they send coupons to loyal customers like you. Plus, if you're going to support a habit like this one, you have got to be a bargain shopper.

I know there are better things I could be investing my money into, but there are also worse. I'll see you around at your local shoe store, or maybe at shoe-aholics anonymous.

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