This Is How Undergrads Can Properly Detox BEFORE Spring Semester

This Is How Undergrads Can Properly Detox BEFORE Spring Semester

Go to a friend's house or maybe that quaint little coffee shop down the street!

I know, I know. The fall semester just finished.

But, let's be honest with ourselves, you've been working hard this semester and are due for a good reprieve once finals are over. That said, it's easy to become a vegetable during these cold months, so being active (both physically and mentally) can be a challenge. Don't worry, I got you covered in case you want to put your winter break to good use.

Physical activity can be a bitch sometimes. And nowhere is it worse than it is in the wintertime when you're cooped up in a Planet Fitness, slack-jawed and dead-eyed (unless you're one of those people who enjoy exercising in the cold, kudos to you). If you can't be physically active, then it's best to keep your mind busy whenever you can. So instead of binge-watching How I Met Your Mother for the fourth time in a row, how about you read a book or play a round of Sudoku on your phone.

I also recommend getting out as much as you can as much as possible. Anyone who lives in the Northeast and Midwest will know how easy it is to succumb to cabin fever. If you can travel, get out! If not, then go to a friend's house or maybe that quaint little coffee shop down the street? Becoming sedentary is a recipe for disaster.

If neither of these things is an option for you, then it's best to keep yourself busy in the house. You probably know how swiftly time flies when you're doing household tasks, so why not give it a shot? If not, then at least bother to make your bed or organize a few things in your room. It's hard. I get it. But you may as well try it if you're slipping into a catatonic void.

Lastly, there's always the option of going ahead and begin planning for the impending semester. Order your books ahead of time and be sure to slowly allow your body to adjust to a new sleeping schedule - especially if you have AM classes. If you're an upperclassman, you're probably aware of just how fast the semester goes, so I advise freshman to begin to prepare themselves while enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Most importantly, winter break is you time. You are free to spend it as you wish and feel free to sleep 14 hours a day and marathon your favorite shows all day. You deserve it! But hey, just throwing a little love out there for those of you who are tired of wasting your break. I mean, I know I'll certainly be catching up on my favorite shows all while taking in a good book in some Boho coffee hut in Vermont. What will you be doing this winter break?

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