How I Prepare For A Super Smash Bros. Tournament

Here's how Bubba Harris prepares for a Miami University Smash Bros. tournament: First, by deciding on which character to play as from the giant roster with advice from his friends, watching YouTube tutorials on the chosen character, and practicing on hours end until he feels that he is ready.

Next comes fighting competitors online to see if he should stick with his chosen character, then losing matches and realizing that he needs more practice, followed by switching characters after realizing the first choice that he made was a poor one.

Then comes playing against his friends, who challenge him every step of the way, figuring out which combo moves do the most damage on an opponent, and watching other people in the tournament play so that he can study their every move and attack style. This is in addition to reading tips, tricks, and counter guides that he finds online.

He has everyone he plays give it their all and not hold back, allows himself room to grow as a player and to learn from his past mistakes, feels sadness every time he loses a match, and feels happy every time he overcomes his opponent.

Finally comez wondering if he can really defeat his opposition, maining the one true character he knows how to play and has the most wins with, and coming confidently into his matches come tournament day knowing he has what it takes and is just as good as everyone else in the room.

That's how he prepares and overcomes all challengers.

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