How I Learned To Eat Healthy In College — I Didn't

How I Learned To Eat Healthy In College — I Didn't

Stop trying to eat healthily and instead just go to the gym — that’s where you’ll meet the cute boys anyway.

Gaining the freshman 15 in college is inevitable. When you eat at dining halls or your sorority house every day you're going to choose the option to eat pizza, pasta and fried chicken instead of the healthy salad. Let’s be real here, no one actually loves salad and if you do, you're crazy. Sure, it’s fine when you have fatty dressing but surprise you’re eating leaves. We’re not animals, we aren’t made to eat leaves for every meal. So, surprise again, when you're given freedom, you’re going to choose the option that tastes better. You'll give yourself a cheat day, but then every day becomes a cheat day. Just one cookie becomes five cookies and then one taco becomes five tacos.

What I'm trying to say is it can't be avoided unless you have the best self-disciple (and if you do please teach me). Also if you're someone who wants a true college experience, you're most likely going out, and drinking on school nights, and then... dun dun DUN... the dreaded drunk eating. Luckily, Domino's is open till like 4 AM to help all your cravings, but also unlucky because that 2000 calorie pizza is going straight to your thighs. I even had a friend block Domino's, so maybe that can help you.

Basically, if you do want to eat healthily you're going to spend all your money on chicken and vegetables. Sorry, but that’s a waste because we're in college and your money should be used solely for alcohol, bar covers, and drunk eating.

Stop trying to eat healthily and instead just go to the gym — that’s where you’ll meet the cute boys anyway. If you're lazy like me though and don't want to leave Netflix then at least do some workouts, even if they're in your bed, because then you feel a little bit of accomplishment. If you do 15 jumping jacks then you deserve an extra cookie, and if you do 5 push-ups then you deserve McDonald’s fries, and if you go all out and run around your apartment for 5 minutes then you deserve to go out and order a pizza at 2 a.m.

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Having a Bad Day? Read This.

One bad day means many more good days.

We've all had bad days. Then sometimes, "bad" isn't even the word that covers the day. Some days we'd rather use words like terrible, or horrible. Some days we're angry, while other days we're upset. Either way, on a bad day it could seem like the world is crashing down. We could just wait until the full day is over, but who has time for that? Welcome to my list of things to do when you're having a bad day!

1. Write your thoughts on paper and throw it in the trash

Writing helps you release your feelings and negative energy. What better way to end the process then to throw it in the trash?

2. Vent to your parents

Because no one know you better then mom or dad.

3. Facetime your best friend

If you can't hang out then facetime is best face-to-face contact you can get. It's much better seeing someone than just hearing their voice.

4. Listen to music

Either put it on full blast, or listen quietly through headphones. This is an old trick guaranteed to work.

5. Workout

Working out really does clear your mind, while releasing negative energy from your body. Give it a try.

6. Spend time with animals

It's proven that time with animals helps relieve stress. I mean, have you seen how cute they are?

7. Spend time in nature

Nature has many benefits. One of the benefits would be how calm nature can be. Use the fresh air to relax your soul.

8. Go to church

This may not be for everyone. However, if you do hold religious beliefs then church could be one of the best places to find peace.

9. Pamper yourself

This could mean getting your nails done, or spending a day with your beloved netflix. Whatever it is, make sure you're doing something you love. You deserve time for yourself.

10. Clean

Sometimes organizing your room, changing sheets, or even doing dishes could lift a person up. Having clean surroundings equals a clean mind set.

11. Take a hot shower or jump in a hot bath

Not only are you getting clean, you're also going to feel much more refreshed afterwards. A shower or a bath is the perfect place to clear your mind. Maybe add a bathbomb or soothing music into the mix.

12. Set goals for the next week

This could give you a sense of organization, while being productive. Setting goals and then reaching them make you feel empowered. Try it and then keep up the good work.

13. Write down what your thankful for

Remember that it's only a bad day. One bad day means they're are plenty of good ones. Instead of throwing this list away, this time hang it up.

14. Get Creative

Creativity creates happiness and self expression.

15. Use your bad day as motivation

On a bad day you may feel terrible, but that feeling won't last forever. Do what you can in preparation to make the next day the best day yet. Nobody has time for two bad days.

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To The Person Up To Bat When Life Throws Out A Curve Ball

Take every experience as a learning experience and apply that to future endeavors.

We all have experienced those times where something goes wrong especially a way in which we could never have imagined. I am the first to support someone when something goes wrong in his or her life that makes him or her upset and feel hopeless.

It is always easy for me to say "everything happens for a reason" to my friends, but I can never make myself believe that.

How are others suppose to believe me when I do not even believe myself?

The pressures of being involved, finding an internship or job for the summer, and having social responsibilities pile on top of each other. If one thing goes wrong...everything seems to come crashing down.

This year has been A YEAR, for me at least. It is hard to recover from constant shut down, but when you have such a supportive group of friends everything gets easier with time.

Sometimes I wonder why me? What am I doing wrong? What about me is not good enough? I have realized, doing that to myself hurts me so much more.

Everything does happen for a reason, and no, nothing about you is wrong. People make mistakes, do not get positions they were extremely excited about, are hurt by people they care about, but none of this is a reason to be upset.

Everything that you may deem horrible now will seem minuscule in the end when something comes along that you may not have been able to do if you received that position or ended up with that person.

For my birthday, my sorority big gave me the "path of life" ring from Alex and Ani. Trust me I was in tears when she told me why she gave me that ring for specific reasons. I have been shut down so many times this year I thought nothing good could ever happen to me again.

When I received that ring, it gave me hope. Hope that something good was to come. Hope that truly everything does happen for a reason. Indeed, good came and it finally clicked that everything does happen for a reason. After being turned down from a sorority position I have wanted since I was a potential new member (PNM) here at the University of South Carolina, I received an internship that with the other position I would not have been able to accept due to the time conflict.

I was appointed a position in my sorority after being turned away from a few, and I have met people I would not have been able to meet if I limited myself to the people I met freshmen year.

No, not everything works out in your favor. You have to push the bad things to the side and celebrate the good things. If you too have had A YEAR, trust me, everything gets better with time.

You can take a day or two to yourself, but forget about the bad and think about everything good that has come your way. Smile. This can apply to anything in life, so take the advice and apply it to what you wish.

Be happy with who and what you have in life because those who truly care will be by your side no matter what. No one gets everything he or she wants, but what you do get in life is what you are meant to have. Take every experience as a learning experience and apply that to future endeavors.

Cover Image Credit: Leanna Yevak

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