How I Managed to Pre-order A PlayStation 5
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How I Managed to Pre-order A PlayStation 5

An eight hour nightmare.

How I Managed to Pre-order A PlayStation 5

On Wednesday, PlayStation unveiled some new content with the PlayStation 5. From the new gameplay of "Spider-Man: Miles Morales" (2020), "Call of Duty: Cold War" (2020), and the new Harry Potter game scheduled for 2021. In the live showcase, there was much anticipation for the price reveal for the console. For months rumors went around having the console be somewhere between $400 and $600 – and since the XBOX series X price being leaked a week before, it was only a matter of time. Finally, at the tail end of the presentation – that simple black text appeared: $499.

After the presentation, my mindset was simple. "Okay, time to preorder the console." With me being away from Cleveland, I don't have my connections at my local GameStop; and I definitely don't trust the Athens GameStop after they messed up my Spider-Man PS4 preorder. So here I, waiting for gaming influencer Geoff Keighley to provide more information on local information on relators. Normally, for things like this, you would expect the game companies to have preorder information right away – but Sony was being sketchy about it. Then suddenly, Geoff Keighley tweeted out how realtors like Walmart, Best Buy, and Target were putting the console on their websites. Now, there was a mad rush and I remember myself going from site to site – each one not loading due to the influx of people trying to join the site. There were so many people trying to log on to the GameStop website that it activated its anti-dox software.

Sony Ps5 GIF Giphy

Each site I went to I was getting no luck. Sites like GameStop were selling the digital version without the disc drive for like $700 for like a bundle thing and I knew I wasn't that desperate for a gaming console. So, I walked away. Knowing that I can probably get the console later. I was a little bummed out but that was just because I was upset at Sony for not handling the preorder reveal correctly. Either that or the fact that these relators leaked the link to the PS5 early to profit their sales.

Then suddenly, while doing my English homework my friend messages me in a panic on Discord. There he spams the link to the official Amazon link to the PS5. In an instant, I go and pre-order the console using my mom's Amazon prime of course. After double and triple checking, making sure I wasn't getting scammed – I got it. A PlayStation 5, finally mine and just in time for my birthday in November.

And while the preorder fiasco was a nightmare Sony is already making up for it and introducing new preorder waves. Overall, I think we can all agree that we cannot wait for the PS5!

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