How I Deal With Existentialism, And How You Can, Too
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How I Deal With Existentialism, And How You Can, Too

The universe is massive...make something special for your place in it!

How I Deal With Existentialism, And How You Can, Too
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It happens far too often for me.

With an increasingly dystopian world growing around us, I end up feeling beyond small.

I feel as though whatever I do, I remain completely insignificant to the world. As students, we live at a time where we have a decent amount of freedom. Simultaneously, We are also at a point where (it appears) that a decent amount of the work we are slaving over is for nothing. While this is not true, and in many cases, we may know this, the feeling still persists. These factors can lead many to reckless, and possibly even self-destructive tendencies.

While these may not help you, I would like to share with you my strategies for overcoming these feelings and become productive again

Now on the more obvious side, breaks are crucial to feeling better about yourself. If you've stayed in one place for more than a few hours, move somewhere else. This could be another room, another street, another county, or even another state (if you feel so inclined). Bottom line, if you remove yourself from your current situation, you give yourself a little burst of relief and give your perception some breathing room. Sleep is also very important to your mental wellbeing (I say currently typing this at 4:00 am in the morning). Keeping yourself well-rested simply makes you feel healthier, and gives your mind more energy to combat depression. Additionally, I find that when I take these feelings and put them into writing or prose, it really helps to cement them as a normal thing I can deal with. Whatever way you deal with it, remember that you don't have to matter to anything more than the people you know and want to impress.

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