How Guys REALLY Feel About Period Sex
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28 Guys In Their 20s Talk About What It's Like To Hook Up With Girls On Their Periods

"What's the point in having a sword if you won't get it bloody?”


It's not exactly a secret that periods can be a woman's nightmare. We get the worst cramps as if our uterus is cutting our insides in half. We start to break out with pimples on our faces due to inflammation. We also feel unreasonably emotional because our hormones are fluctuating and serotonin, the love hormone, is especially decreasing at this time.

I can't speak for all women but my period being a sign that I'm not pregnant isn't always going to get me through it without complaints. Other than hot tea with honey and a heating pad, there's only one other way my period pain could be alleviated, and that's through a good 'ole orgasm.

According to Flex, a company that creates menstrual discs to alleviate the mess of period sex, a lot of couples report being comfortable with sex during that time of the month. While nearly half viewed period sex as "gross," 55 % of the people who took the surgery actually considered it "natural" or "awesome."

I've always been curious as to how guys specifically feel about period sex so I created an open-ended survey asking them whether they've done it, how that experience was, and why they've abstained from doing so if they haven't, and here's what they had to say:

For the men who answered "yes" to whether or not they've had period sex before:

“I've always been a pleaser in the relationships so on the chance that I've been with a girl for a long time then I wouldn't mind having sex with her on her period. It does get a little messy sometimes though depending on what day of her period it is." - age 27

“You can't tell the difference in the dark. Lube is lube." - age 23

“Sometimes its fine, but one time my dick came out looking red as raw beef and it turned me off." - age 22

“The experience was okay. I just mainly did it for her because she really wanted to." - age 22

“What's the point in having a sword if you won't get it bloody? Besides, orgasms apparently help with cramps so you're doing your girl a favor in the long run." - age 27

“The only thing that's kind of gross is when you both have to stop in the middle of making out or whatever foreplay you're doing right before you actually start having sex because she has to take out her pad or tampon. My ex and I were very close so sometimes she would just take out her pad right there in front of me and I couldn't help but look down... I guess out of reflex. I don't know... and well, it wasn't the best sight to look at... dried up blood on a pad. The actual sex was great though." - age 22

“I noticed that women get super horny during that time of the month so it's only inevitable that a girl will still want to have sex even though she's on her period. I don't mind it as long as her period isn't heavy at the moment." - age 25

“Period sex is sexy because it's intimate. It's not something most guys will just do with anyone. It does freak me out a little bit too see her blood get all over me, but it's nothing that a quick shower can't clean off in seconds." - age 23

“I was opposed to it at first because my mindset at the time was that Mother Nature shouldn't be affected. I later became open to it. I'm always less horny doing it though. It's normal up until you realize what's going on." - age 24

“It's funny because as much as I don't like the messiness of it, I do enjoy the feeling. It's more wet, but the texture is almost the same as the spit near the back of someone's throat. Either way I can't do that with a girl unless I'm really into her." - age 25

“I'm in a long distance relationship so sometimes the timing of when I see my girl isn't the most convenient. Sometimes shark week is the only time I can see her during that month so period sex does happen occasionally. The longer it's been since I've seen her, the less I'm turned off by the blood." - age 24

“I used to think that having sex with a girl on her period automatically meant that she couldn't get pregnant so that's the only reason I did it at first. Now that I'm older and know better, I just do it if the girl is really horny. Even then it'll only be on her lighter days and not the beginning of her period." - age 26

“Period sex while you're both already in the shower is fine. Other than that, I can't do it without feeling weird." - age 21

“You can't be in as many positions or else the girl may feel uncomfortable because of the initial cramping, but as long as she's cool with it then I'm fine with it too." - age 21

“As long as there's a towel involved then it's fine. If you love someone then their period won't be an issue even during sex." - age 20

“A period don't stop nothing but a sentence." - age 29

“I'll have my girl call me Moses because I'm not afraid to part her red sea." - age 18

For the men who answered "no" to whether or not they've had period sex before and why they've chosen not to do so:

“I don't want my dick to be a fish stick." - age 22

“Maybe if I had a condom on and tarp on the bed…" - age 24

“I like to go raw so I don't like to have blood on or possibly in my penis. I don't think I will be trying it." - age 27

“There's no need for period sex. She better put her mouth to work." - age 19

“Disgusting and unsanitary" - age 24

“Imagine hitting it from the back thinking that she's extra wet and then when you go to the bathroom to get the cum rag, you see blood all over your dick. Couldn't be me. Maybe I'll do it when I'm married though." - age 23

“Blood, in general, makes me nauseous so blood coming out of a vagina doesn't help the situation. It's a no for me." - age 21

“I don't think I'd be able to get over the smell if they didn't shower right before and straight after. I've always imagined the smell would be like iron, wet pennies and cat food." - age 21

“I'll just wait five days. I get grossed out even thinking about that." - age 25

“I don't think that's something I'll ever be interested in doing. Seems too messy for me." - age 19

“Period sex is where I draw the line. Just suck some dick and let your vagina rest." - age 23

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