Your Skincare Routine Should Involve More Than Drinking H20
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Your Skincare Routine Should Involve More Than Drinking Water And An Apricot Scrub

Your skin deserves better.

Your Skincare Routine Should Involve More Than Drinking Water And An Apricot Scrub

Yes, I said it. Your apricot scrub is trash. Why are we still using them in 2019? In fact, all of the "exfoliating" scrubs you're using for your face are extremely bad for your skin and should be tossed immediately. Do it before you read any further because I'm about to hurt your feelings.

A lot of what you see on social media is beautiful people with acne-free skin and glowy cheekbones. We all envy their entire existence as they get to walk around this earth never having to pop a pimple and get away with no dark spots.

Their secret, they say: just drink water. But you could be drinking gallons and gallons of water and still see no results. There's more to it than just that.

I've spent copious amounts of time on skincare Twitter to know that my own skincare routine was flawed. But I'm working on it, as should you.

Starting fresh with a brand new routines starts off with knowing what kind of skin you have. Do you have sensitive skin? Or maybe oily skin, dry skin, or a combination of all of these?

It's also best to treat your skin one problem at a time. Trying to find one product to magically fix all the tears and hyperpigmentation in one use is just not realistic. And not safe, either. Drinking water can help, but your skin is the last part of your body to absorb all of that hydration you're giving it.

I mentioned throwing away your exfoliating scrubs earlier. And I meant that.

Sure, the scrub may make your face look clean and clear, but the prolonged use of scrubs and the microbeads in them can cause micro-tears in the skin. Using these scrubs makes your skin sensitive and "post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation will come eventually with consistent usage" according to esthetician and makeup artist Tiara (@MakeupForWOC on all social media platforms).

Tiara does not recommend the use of physical scrubs when it comes to exfoliating. You're better off using a chemical peel that gently exfoliates the skin after consistent use. But make sure you do your research when it comes to chemical peels. Tiara also takes clients at her Connecticut spa in Stamford, which you should definitely book her if you're in the area!

Another key thing I'd like to highlight is the amount of time you're using to cleanse your face. Champion esthetician Nayamka Roberts-Smith, also known as @LABeautyologist, says "cleansing your face (with your fingers) for 60 seconds allows the ingredients in the cleanser to actually work. Most people wash their face for like 15 seconds max."

Using your fingers "softens the skin and dissolves sebum blockages better. Texture & overall evenness improves."

Skincare can be scary, and sometimes expensive too. But once you start fresh and do the proper research, your skin will thank you. And hopefully, you'll thank me, too.

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