As the finals week begin, we all notice the exhaustion behind every student's eyes. Some may scream in pain to demonstrate their agony while others will grunt with disgust. Students with stronger will would still feel the effects of finals week as they spend countless hours on the chair rather in bed. Those who do choose to turn in for the day early get anxious and insomnia as the looming exams haunts their dreams. It seems that students are the only ones being affected by the exam, but that's far from the truth.

We now turn to the professors who had to write all the exams and the TA's that are responsible for distributing, managing, and grading during the entire examination period. Why would professors want to torture themselves to grade hundreds of exam papers that have the same wrong answers for hours and hours? Wouldn't it be better for them just to say, "semester's over, your final grade is your grade on your transcript now." Instead, now they have to say "here's a long test that determines over 50% of your grade and if you fail this you basically fail the class". Do you really think professors want to spend hours just looking at all the wrong answers his/her students are giving just to torture themselves? Do professors and TAs really want to pull out time to have review sessions on an exam that everyone will probably fail?

Even the facility staff and people are frustrated with the exams. They have to make events to cheer students up and bring in therapy sessions to ensure the mental wellness of students although most of us are already dead inside. The health center probably isn't too thrilled that so many students are coming in for therapy sessions and constantly having to tell students to get over it. The dining staff is also done about how many dishes are being broken every day because students are too tired to care about breaking some plates by accident. In general, the facility staff is being indirectly affected by the exams from students.

Lastly, the people who are concerned the most are the parents. They see that their child is suffering and basically dying just not to fail the course and see the weight of their kid drop dramatically. Any sensible parent would not want this to happen to their kids even if they were the strictest person in the world.

As a student, I definitely feel the stress coming from exams, but I also know that others are stressed too just like me. So my thought is this: why not just get rid of the final exam so everyone could be happy and less stressed and maybe enjoy life a little longer? So dear Mr/Ms person who is in charge, please get rid of the final exams so we can all live a little longer in happiness rather than despair. We the students really want our winter to be welcomed by the holiday seasons and not by loads of papers and notes and emails telling us how to grade our grade is. Thanks.