How each Star Sign can be kinder to themselves
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How each Star Sign can be kinder to themselves

Zodiac signs can reveal a lot about a person's nature

How each Star Sign can be kinder to themselves

I remember a time I would avoid posts like this. Lured more towards motivational content telling me to go harder, climb higher, be more. And don’t get me wrong astrology has been helpful for all of that. Though having recently been floored by burn out I found myself asking, could the stars help me get back up? Out came my old astrology books, on the hunt for a different kind of wisdom. Softer, slower, gentle. I’ve learned astrology can be used to tap into a different kind of magic. From slowing down to sleeping better, it’s all written in the stars. If you are feeling tired, burnt out, and in need of some TLC lean in. Here is one way for each star sign to be kinder to themselves.


Telling you guys to slow down is like telling a parrot to shut up. I get it, you don’t want to listen. Though please dear Aries, once in a while give yourself a break. Take a bath, disconnect from social media and just be. All the parties and million and one things to do will be right there waiting when you plug back in. Plus feeling refreshed, revitalized, and rested means you will have way much more fun.


You love the finer things in life and by all means indulge, though remember Taurus to fill up on the good stuff. Nutritious veggies, wholesome meals, and a few nights of drinking a week is a kinder way to take care of yourself than, well you know. Treat yourself to soft, snuggly blankets and cozy nights in. Embrace the comfort of rest and digest for a brighter, healthier you.


So many conversations, so little time. If you could communicate all day by all means you would, though it doesn’t mean you have to. Step away from the phone, the internet, and every social event that comes your way. Get fussy with how you exert your energy or it will run out pretty quickly. Book one night a week where you swap talking for listening to a podcast or reading a good book. Quiet time is not selfish, it’s kindness.


Stop worrying about everyone and everything for once Cancer and devote some time to yourself. What would your perfect day look like? Being left alone to spend some quality time with your family with good food and plenty of laughter? So why don’t you take it? Schedule in one of those days once a month, yes you have responsibilities though let being kind to yourself become a priority.


Does leading ever get exhausting? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a day where you don’t have to achieve, be the best or show everyone the way? Being kind to yourself starts with one word. “No” Feel free to use it whenever you need to. You take on so much though remember to fill your cup up. Going too hard too long will weaken your roar. Give yourself permission to rest, and yes you deserve it.


Nature’s calling, though have you answered? Routine, goals, and commitments can get kind of bossy with you Virgo’s. You are a sensitive bunch and love to feel grounded. Immerse yourself in nature as much as possible, long walks in the woods or even a few houseplants are good for your soul and keep you taking kinder steps towards a happy future.


You know how much kindness matters, which is why you spend most of your time dishing it out. Though do you serve yourself enough of that pie? No, you don’t. So please Libra, repeat after me “I will be kinder to myself” Try and give yourself a break from all that overthinking and worrying about other people and take time for yourself. Find a place your mind feels quiet and stay there as long as you need.


With all that optimism and zest for life, it can be super hard for you trailblazers to ever admit you need some help. Whether that looks like lessening your load, slowing down, or taking time to reflect and restore. Listen to yourself and what you need will help guide you towards your true purpose and the things that make you happy. You are allowed to take it easy and have a quiet day. You just have to give yourself permission.


Another day, another dollar. Capricorns it is ok to take your foot off that ambitious pedal once in a while. It’s ok to just. Book regular time with your family and leave the phone at home. Business can wait, your happiness is more important than that long list of goals and to-do lists. Being kind to yourself will make you more productive in the long run so pour a cuppa and put those feet up. Doctor’s orders.


You always want to make everything better, yesterday, though dear Aquarius it is not your responsibility to fix the world. Give some of that gorgeous humanitarian spirit to yourself once in a while. Explore your passions. Take time to get out of your head, yoga, meditation, anything that nurtures the sense of calm and balance you deserve. Being kind to yourself will keep that soul happy and that dear Aquarius is really all that matters.


Life is always trying to pull you off your daydream, though if you're honest Pisces you quite like it there. And you do you! You have the tenacity and drive to get things done through it’s ok to take time in your own little world. Your happy place. Give yourself time to explore your hobbies from music, dancing, new things you want to study. This is your precious life, be kind enough to yourself to truly enjoy it.

Whatever your star sign I hope you found something here to bring you a sense of peace. In a world that wants us to go faster and stronger, sometimes the most courageous thing we can do is slow down. Be kind, always, though most importantly to yourself.

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