How to Design and Keep the Perfect Dorm Room (5 Easy Pro-Tips):
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How to Design and Keep the Perfect Dorm Room (5 Easy Pro-Tips):

Getting the dorm of your dreams is now better than ever

How to Design and Keep the Perfect Dorm Room (5 Easy Pro-Tips):

Tip #1: Cut the Crap

Excuse my language. But really, you do not need to bring all that stuff? Six pairs of the same style of jean aren't necessary to improve your apparel. Most likely you will end up wearing the same combination of tights and a crewneck sweater when the weather gets cold anyway. Stylin’ through the hallways of your social science building is fun, but you don’t need your entire wardrobe to do so. Instead, bring key pieces that can be worked into a wide array of styles and seasons. These important items are the ones that will not only conserve space but force you to become even more creative with what you wear like this woman did by “reimagining her clothes”.

Tip #2: Personalize that Piece

Almost every bit of décor that defines my room is from a thrift store, church flea market or basement. My out-frame printing of Picasso’s “Three Musicians” aligns perfectly with the vintage Elvis Presley poster that looks over my DIY wicker basket shelf. These decorations give your room a unique vibe that you know cannot be found anywhere else on campus. Not creative? Don’t stress. Online websites such as Pinterest, Etsy and StumbleUpon have many sites for design inspiration. Once you start looking for random pieces in the corner of the thrift store you will find that some sort of unique or weird item catches your eye. Sure, the ‘College” section of the Target Décor Isle is actually pretty dope, but find a way to make even these manufactured pieces your own.

Tip #3: Color Coordinate

I understand that picking pieces for a room on a budget can be tough. It is easy to grab the cheapest thing just because it’s there. However, staying relatively within the same color scheme creates a satisfying degree of uniformity within the room. Studies show that the average person prefers a shade that corresponds with a familiar colored object. For example, people generally gravitate towards saturated cyans and blues because they are reminders of a clear sky, pool or clean water. No matter what color you prefer, try to design a room around this liking. You will be thankful for this relaxing tone when mid-terms have you questioning whether or not a college education is even worth another shot of 5-hour energy.

Tip #4: Tidy Up

A clean house today keeps the doctor away. No…literally. Studies show that people with clean work and living environments are generally healthier, more active and live longer than those without. Sure, the morning rush creates a whirlwind of clothes, hairbrushes, and sheets when you start the day. But make it a goal when you return to your room to pick everything up and put it away. Depending on your dorming situation, keeping a tidy room may even inspire your roommate to do so creating an altogether more zen space. Cleanliness and organization reduce stress, helps you eat healthier, improves relationships and boosts productivity…need I say more?

Tip #5: Keep Good Company

This piece of common sense can be hard to remember; be careful who you let into your room. Not everyone respects your living space the way you do. Cleaning up after others or picking up leftover trash gets real old REAL quick. There are common areas and lounges in your building for a reason. Study session? Meet in an area where, not only will everyone be comfortable, but you are not directly responsible for the upkeep of that space. This is not to say you should shut your door to friends and neighbors, but just be aware of how much time people are spending in your room. Because, at the end of the day, your dorm is your home.

Good luck.

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